Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big & Small

I've always believed that "It's the small things that matters."
Well, small things are the easy things.
Things that should be at your fingertip.

Well, that is, if you cared, enough.

Eventhough I'm a big believer of "It's the small things that matters,"
We can't shake the fact that it's THE Big Thing that really matter.

Like example,
Big Things:- Security, Connection, Sexual Satisfaction, Family, Honesty, Loyalty, etc.

If you are unable to fulfill the BIG things (that really matters), heck, you should at least try to deliver the small things right?

Small Things:- Hugs & Kisses, Romantic Dinners, Flowers, Special Treatment, Priority Listing, etc.

By doing these small things, we (female & male), can COMFORT ourselves by trying to convince ourselves (if not, others), that the Big Things don't really matter, because "It's the small things that matters."

Now ask yourself,
Does the small things that matters, matters enough?
Does the Big Things that don't really matter, don't really matter enough?

(***** This afternoon, I saw 1 Kilo of Patchii on the table and oh shifty eyes)


Izrin said...

Good entry. Gonna paksa Ali to read. altho there are things in the big thing that he still cant satisfy, but yea, maybe he is on the way to go for it. but its the small thing that he is lacking BIG time. if he hasnt got it now, he's not gonna have anytime later.. yea, small things MATTERS to me.. haha (meluahkan perasaan bf tak romantic :P)

mya kamal said...

damn it ti,your blog really made me rethink about me and him.he only did a few small things let alone big things.this is not right.

mya kamal said...

i swear to god i dah post dh comment td.ciss mana pergi.

angelX said...

Mya U ni comel la. Memang lah hilang, becoz I kena approve dulu baru dia appear. hahahaha.

angelX said...

Izrin, hehehe. paksa Ali to read, and get Ali to paksa all the boys to read. cheh cheh cheh.

jan said...

in short, u want everything?

angelX said...

Nicely concluded my dear friend

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

she deserves everything