Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Wrote This For You #15

You are never as broken as you think you are.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

San Marcos

Just some photos of my trip to San Marcos for my birthday.

I love the Oreo milkshakes they have at Johny Rockets but later burnt my tongue when I sipped a glass of a really hot water using a straw, not very smart, isn't it? -_-

The shopping was crazy, but the food was crazier. I couldn't resist from buying (and munching) everything that is sinful and sweet.

Everybody seems to be in such a holiday mood, there were even some dancing and singing, I felt like jumping while dancing in circles around everyone.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


In most countries, Boxing Day marks the beginning of a GREAT sale.
It is a time when people would put on their most comfortable shoes, and start shopping until they literally drop.

I was born on Boxing Day.
So it comes as no surprise when I am so synonym with shopping.


**** The bear is absolutely the cutest. TY, Zizu zizu.

Ada Apa dengan Kurus?

***Gambar hiasan.

Aku tidak pernah jumpa dengan perempuan yang 100% berpuas hati dengan bentuk badan mereka.

Aku rasa, semua perempuan obses dengan bentuk badan mereka.

Yang gemuk, mahu kurus.
Yang kurus, mahu lebih kurus.
Yang lebih kurus, mahu lebih lebih kurus.
Yang betul-betul kurus (kurus kering?), mahu jadi kurus sederhana pula.

Ada-ada sahaja, bukan?

Sebagai kesimpulannya, semua perempuan mahu bentuk badan yang kurus - whether they want to admit it out loud or not.

Tetapi, kurus itu subjektif.
Maka level kurus mana yang setiap perempuan rasa sempurna buat diri beliau, maka itu lah kurus dalam definasi beliau.

Keinginan untuk kurus ini, adakah ia sejenis virus?

Adakah ia sebenarnya sebuah isu tersirat yang harus dipersoalkan atau kita sudah terima hakikat bahawa ia adalah 'normal' untuk setiap wanita untuk mahukan bentuk badan yang kurus?

Aku persoalkan isu kurus ini kerana rasa aku lebih suka perempuan berbadan montok kerana ia amat sedap untuk dipeluk, tetapi kerana aku adalah seorang perempuan dan aku tidak boleh memeluk diri sendiri tetapi cuma hanya melihat diri, maka aku juga mahu kurus, seperti perempuan lain.

Ajaib, bukan?
Virus ini.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Falling Leaves

Houston's weather can be quite unpredictable.
One day you can wear T-Shirts and shorts, and the next day, you have to wear socks and a coat.

Lucky for me, I have Suri to tell me the weather updates everyday.

I have such a respect for anyone who could wear high heels all the time.
Like, seriously.

I'm more of a slippers and flats type of girl,
And even with my most comfortable heels on, I prefer flats - anytime.

But since I am not that tall (do not use short) -__-, every once in a while, I do choose to wear heels.

Most of the leaves have turned yellow.
I miss the warmth in the air.


Anyway, for Christmas, I thought it would be great if I were to adopt a cat.
I have always love cats, I think they are adorable, lovable and very comforting.

Cameron (my colleague) told my about this adoption centre at Portland, about 20 minutes drive from home.

Every cat has its own adoption kennel card - with their full information.
Type, age, name, DOB, hobbies, etc..
It's adorable!
Like this one, his name is Charlie Chaplin, how hilarious is that?
Come to think of it, he does look like Charlie Chaplin, no?

You pick a cat that you like, and you tell the lady inside this "Authorized Personnel Only" to bring the cat to you.

Then you get to 'bond' with the cat in this "Get Acquainted room".

Then, once you found a cat you would love to adopt, you proceed to the adoption centre.
The adoption fees are usually 60-80 dollars, but since it is Christmas, I got to adopt for only 12 USD.

They even gave me a New Pet Parenting Kit, together with a bag of food.
I thought it was a pretty great deal.

Initially, I wanted to adopt a kitten, but as I was walking at the adoption centre, this particular cat caught my attention.
I asked to play with her, and when we were in the room, she was so manja, starting to sleep on my lap and looked at me with the "please-adopt-me" eyes.

I had to get her.

So I did.

This is her, in my car, ready to go home.

I went to see her on Monday, but only took her home on Thursday because the adoption centre had to spay her first before I can bring her back home.

So in preparation for her to come home, I bought her basic needs.

From Monday-Thursday I was so excited for her to come home with me, I started googling for "Female Cat Names."
Her given name was FooFoo and heck, no way was I calling her that. Hahahahaha.
So, after much googling, I decided to call her, Lilo.

Meet Lilo.
She is 1 year 3 months and 5 days old :)

The people at the adoption centre told me that it would require her few weeks to get used to her new environment, so I have to be patient with her.

But you know what was the first thing Lilo did when she arrived home?

Yes, sampai-sampai rumah je terus berak!@@#$)
Tak senonoh -__-

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tips in America #2: Shopping Gear

It's Christmas SALE, please
1) Jika cuaca tidak sejuk, sila pakai selipar atau flats. Senang nak buka & pakai apabila mahu mencuba kasut yang baru, dan juga senang untuk berlari-lari membeli belah
2) Bawa handbag? Nooooo. Bawa je terus bag luggage macam ni. Beli je terus masuk bag. Beli je terus masuk bag. Nak tarik pun senang. Tak berat.

Walaupun ada orang pandang slack kerana kita sedang tarik bag luggage ke sana dan ke sini, tidak mengapa.

Hold you head up high, girl.
Practical, that's what I'd say.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can I Hold Your Bag Please

One of the things I can NOT tolerate men doing, is when they hold their girlfriend's handbag when they are walking, dating, etc.
I mean, come on -_-

You would look so "pussy-whipped", pardon my language, but I mean, come on. -_-

Well, if you are the husband, helping your wife carrying her bag because she is occupied with your kids, stroller, ETC, that's a different story.
(Or if you are the boyfriend, and your girlfriend wants to go to the toilet, and she really needs you to take care of her beloved handbag from outside the toilet because it is too precious to bring into the toilet, COME ON - that's acceptable la kan? Hahaha FML)

I am specifically talking about those boys/men yang memang suka pegangkan handbag girlfriend mereka.

Oh my God.

No no no.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Security Blanket

A snapshot of the walkway to my apartment.

I bought this coat at Forever 21's sale last week, for only 40 USD.

I love hiding in oversized coats.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yogurtland is my land.

Yes, exactly like Tutti Frutti in Malaysia, but my medium sized cup (filled with toppings) was only USD 2.30 -___-

MasterChef Texas LOL

Sejak kebelakangan ini, memang kurang selera makan.
Maklumlah, nak cari makanan Halal pun susah di sini.

And I miss ayam kicap.
Kenapa di sini tiada ayam kicap macam Mama selalu masak?

Maka, bermulalah kisah, Aziati dan dapur.
I've started cooking now because I don't seem to like anything I eat here (ready food) in US.

And I've always thought the kitchen was some part of house decoration.

My maids at home would be awfully proud if they can see me now.
Kak Bayam, Kak Yumi & Kak Ju, are you guys reading this? LOLOL

Anyway, my shipment arrived last week.
Yes, all my 69 boxes in my 60 footer container. -__-

The first thing I looked for?

Ayam kicap. Oh Indahnya hidup.

The next day, I made Ayam Sos Tiram.

Then I got bored of rice, I 'tried' to make Spaghetti Marinara.

Thank you Google for the recipe! LOL

Ya, I had to add on the cheese coz I'm greedy like that -_-
And ya, pakai cheese slices je cukup la, coz I'm lazy like that.
Hahahahaha -__-

I also made Roasted Chicken. Kononnya nak healthy living.

And of course, Mac & Cheese!

I was going through my fridge the other day, and found that I have Peanut Butter.
I mean, I had never eaten it with bread.
Just not to my liking.
(The Peanut Butter is in my fridge because my company sponsored some of my food LOL)

Anyway, I started to google what can we do with Peanut Butter, (besides eating it with bread), and I found that you can make Peanut Butter Chicken.

And I did it.
It was good! (And way too easy to make!)

And I didn't take photo of it because I was so hungry and it took 30 minutes to bake.