Thursday, December 9, 2010

Teluk Intan

Hey everyone.
As part of my job, I need to cover Teluk Intan as well.
Yes, Teluk Intan.

The only thing I knew about Teluk Intan that it was one of the cities in the Saidina game I played when I was younger. (*shifty eyes*)

Ha ha ha yes and I was never good with Geography.
I was hanging out with Harry earlier, and he asked me, "Teluk Intan tu dekat mana? Kuantan is it?"

Okay, so Teluk Intan is in Perak.
And I cover Perak as part of Shell's task to me.

Teluk Intan is very well known for it's Menara Condong.
This is how it looks like:-
Awww.. Isn't it just the cutest?
(Macam Menara Condong Pisa, tak? -__-)
Well, I've been travelling a lot, and the first time I went to Teluk Intan, my Retailer booked me a place in a Homestay.


This is how it looks like:-
It looks kind of cool, huh?
Something like the cottages in Cameron Highlands.

But me, I've never been in a Homestay, not even in small hotels, alone WTF!
Ha ha ha so this is indeed a priceless experience for me -___-

As I entered the Homestay, this is how the 'Lobby' looks like:-
It's actually a house, with 6 rooms in it, and I occupy one of the rooms.

And the rest of the rooms? Empty.

This is how the room looks like:-
*breathes steadily*

I was actually quite alright as I checked in, but then, Afiq just had to text me and say,
"It looks like a place for serial killers, you know like in those horror films."

Yeah, some friends are just not gonna help you go through things.
*angry face to Afiq*

I had trouble sleeping that night, I kept imagining Ghosts outside of my room, in front of my bed, serial killers coming through the door, you know what I mean...

So I did this:-
Kononnya by placing the 'small' side table, it would actually save me from serial killers?!!

Hahahaha werd!

And the shoes? Hahahaha. I just wanted to block the view from outside, because I don't want to be sleeping, and suddenly woke up only to see shadows moving outside!
WTF!!! -____-

I survived my first visit to Teluk Intan.

The second visit, I got my Retailer to book me into a Hotel.
Please take note that currently THERE ARE NO GOOD HOTELS in Teluk Intan.
This is the view I got from the room:-
The first night was quite OK, and the next morning, I went out early for breakfast.
When I came back in the evening, this is how my room looks like:-
They DIDN'T even do HOUSEKEEPING!!! -___-
And I was staying there for several nights! *faints*

The toilet light bulb blew on me on the first night.
There were 2 power points, and 1 of them was out of order, and another, was located NEXT to the toilet.

So I had to charge my Blackberry next to the toilet.
I did my work, also next to the toilet, because I needed the power point.
*faints again*

The Hotel gave me towels, but I'll be dead before I even use them.
Lucky me that I brought my own everything, from shower gel to towels to comforters to hairdryer.

To complete my experience, I noticed that the window in my room could not LOCK.
And they had this SLIDING windows, where people can EASILY crawl into the room.

It's a 2 story hotel, and you know how wild my imagination can be.

So this is what I did:-
Okay you might ask "WTF is this?"
Hahahaha I know right.

It's 2 hangers stucked together to lock the window.
So that nobody can move/open the window, even if they tried. (It's blocked)

And the rationale in putting the glass there?
So that IF that someone (serial killer) managed to slide the window, the glass will fall, and it will create a sound to notify me.

If I hear the sound, I will quickly jump from my bed and run for my life.
I put this plastic thing on the floor so that the glass will fall on top of it and will make a loud noise.
Hahahahaha WTF

And you might ask, "Why not just change rooms?"
Well, I requested for a room nearest to the Hotel's exit point, and I've been told by a colleague that there are few rooms with "Hantu" and I didn't want to take a chance my switching to another room with ghosts in them.

Hahahaha so there you go.

My journey.
Girl VS the World.

Note: I actually enjoyed my stay in Teluk Intan (if you minus the accomodation issue), the place is lovely, the people are nice, and the food are just AWESOME!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Seed.

I've been taking things for granted, for too long.
It's true what they say, "You don't know what you've got, until it's gone."

I will not give up.

Anything that is worth having, sure enough is worth fighting for.

Now, I know it's not going to be easy.
Now, I know it's going to be painful.

I don't really care.

Anything that is worth having, sure enough is worth fighting for.

I will not give up.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I have a new addiction
-____- (*shifty eyes*)

Affogato: A shot of hot espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream :)
My fav is def espressimete illy in Pavillion *love love*

I have always been addicted to coffee, but lately....
It's like need/HAVE to drink Affogato every single night.

Am I too young to be this addicted to coffee?
(Ha ha ha OK I know. I am not THAT young. Whatever)
Note to self: Tahu tak Affogato tu 1 scoop of ice cream per serving? It's like eating ice cream each day. HOW FATTENING IS THAT? Look at my pipi now. OMG -__-

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Natrah Musim Ke-2

I watched Natrah the Theatre tonight.

Honestly, all the while, I see the Natrah tragedy in political, racial and religious point of view.

Kisah perbalahan antara Malaya, Singapura, Inggeris & Belanda untuk merebut seorang kanak-kanak kecil Belanda yang di besarkan secara Islam.
Kisah perebutan antara Islam dan Katholik.

That was how I saw Natrah.

But after tonight, I see her in a different perspective.

All the while, all the media, were so focused on defending the ego of the affected countries,
the 2 religious issue,
All the controversy.

But we never really focused on the real issue itself,
that human being called Natrah.

How she truly felt, how lost she might have been, or how broken she was after the whole tragedy.

Now, I see her, as a lost soul, a broken lady.

Anyway Maya Karin played Natrah.
I think she's really hot :)

But of course, not as hot as Aaron Aziz!

(Dear Aaron, I honestly feel that you should have been MAIN actor!! You're so hot! *hugs*)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fahrenheit88 Official Opening

That's our new shopping mall, Fahrenheit88.

H said that it's a collaboration between him and Fahrin, thus, it's called Fahrenheit (Fahrin+Hadie= fahrenheit?)

Hahaha OK perlu ke kau tulis di sini, Aziati?

fahrenheit88's Official opening on 23rd November 2010.
Can you see awesome my signature there? :D
*the Blackberry curse*
I can't seem to get my fingers away from my BB for more than 15 mins -___-

Anyway, 23rd Nov also marks the first day of the official day for YEAR END SALE (YES!)

I mean come on, is there any other HAPPIER day than the day where the YEAR END SALE starts?
*dance happily*

I was quite excited to visit this new mall, because it sounds so chic, and plus it's located next to Pavillion, so I was expecting something as good as Pavillion.

But really.

The only 2 things I liked about fahrenheit88 is Sushi Zanmai and Uniqlo.
Well, maybe the shops are not fully opened yet, but I don't know,

I don't like fahrenheit88.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am actually, really, busy with work.
*shifty eyes*

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gunung Lang

Look what I found, less than 5 kilometres from my office
*dance happily*

Gunung Lang!
Jom... pergi tengok -_-

Ada waterfall!
*jakun, jakun*

Okay I uploaded this photo to show you how windy the place is..
Look at my hair -_-

And of course.. there's a boat ride to the island.

RM3 per person for the boat ride.
I was so excited, pakai safety gear and everything.
Tapi, baru je duduk kejap, eh eh dah sampai.
Island tu rupanya 1.5minutes away (by boat) from the port.
1.5 minutes!!!
That's 90 seconds only!!

I've decided... this will be my house in Ipoh -_-
Free of charge, not furnished

Siap boleh melepak-lepak di tangga.
How peaceful, no?
Btw, the island has 3 houses altogether.
A little creepy, if I may add.

Okay this is the place where they shot Sepet.
See, how peaceful..
Can't wait to bring my foldable chair, a glass of Starbucks coffee & a good book and enjoy my evenings here :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

'Fun' Chee Cheong Fun

Good morning, everyone.
After few 'nervous breakdowns' in Ipoh, today I am doing rather okay.
This is my life in Ipoh, in the morning.
And no, I do NOT have my breakfast at the Hotel.
I don't really enjoy Hotel food.
Especially their breakfast.

I mean, who wants Sausage & Eggs,
when you get yummy Chee Cheong Fun outside?
Char Kuey Tiaw?

Note: Muka kecewa pasal salah order.
I wanted Plain Yong Tau Fu but they gave me Curry Yong Tau Fu.
Hahaha -__-

Sake fan! (Cubaan cakap bahasa Cina)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

EVP Award

The email I got today from my Global VP:-
Email bunyi macam gempak je kan?
Padahal, takde la gempak mana.
Mat salleh pun pandai berbunga-bunga, bukan Melayu sahaja -__-
Hahahahaha -___-
( Nevertheless, I thank Allah for this achievement, Alhamdulilah)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey, Jakarta!

I was in Jakarta from Thursday until Sunday, for work.
*shifty eyes*

W.O.R.K, hardwork
(But why take photos of work when play is much more fun? *shifty eyes*)

Day 1

Stayed in Rash's Service apartment.
It's a huge apartment located in a GOLF CLUB, where you have a golf course (duh), with 3 swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton court, basketball court, EVERYTHING.
Rash is renting that place for RM10k per month.
Eh, no.
Shell is renting the place for RM10k per month.
Ahh. Lucky Expats!

Went for a fashion show in Senayan City.
It took me 1 hour plus just to travel 10 kilometers.

Dinner at Kemang Food Fest.
The place was, hmm, OKAY.
Didn't really catch my attention.

What really caught my attention is this:-
THIS Blackberry casing.

You think it's a chocolate... but tadaaaa
Nooo It's my Blackberry! -__-
(Okay, lame, I know)

Only for RM12!

Day 2

"Kenapa banyak-banyak tempat menarik di Jakarta, kau mahu upload gambar kau minum Teh Botol di tepi longkang di atas bangku buruk ini, Aziati?"
"Eh tapi tak ke nampak macam betul-betul budak Jakarta, duduk melepak bersahaja begini?"

(I am talking to myself lately, I am that weird now)

The thing I love the most about Day 2.

Corn in cup with Cheese!

OMG Yummy!!!

Went for dinner at Kuningan Village.
Very chic, very elegant, I like!

Day 3

Okay I spend MOST of my time in the car in Jakarta -____-

Everywhere is so jam, or they call it "Macet" here in Jakarta.
Like, really.

To travel from one place to another, few kms, it will take me at least 1 hour.

I'd sit, sleep, wake up, and sleep again, and wake up again, and pretend to be happy, pretend to sing, sleep again,wake up again (yes, you get the point), in the car.

So guess where I ended taking most of my photos from?

I think I annoyed the hell out of the driver with the flashes from my camera -__-