Thursday, September 30, 2010

I-City Mall

Hello, everyone.

Eventhough I'm supposed to move to North (alone) in a few days time,
I honestly do not feel anything (numb).

Every once in a while, I'd tell myself that I don't want to move, no need for such career progression, and that I might as well just quit the job.
-____- (this is me giving you a straight face)

But then again, usually, a while after those moments, I'd look myself at the mirror and think, "Why fit in when you're born to stand out?" (And I quote Oprah Winfrey)

Or something like that.
"It's just North for God's sake."

Sometimes in my head, I contradict myself so much.

A part of me want to be this independent over-achieving (chehcheh) corporate woman.
Most part of me, just wants to stay at home and watch TV (and shop).
Or work with Dad (and shop).
Hahahaha -_-

Okay enough about my mental thoughts.
Few days back, H and I, we were lost in Shah Alam, and suddenly found ourselves in the entrance of I-City Mall.

The dude at the Entrance asked us to pay RM5.
I was like, "Ada apa di sini?"
The dude said, "Ada lampu la," while giving me his *duh* face.

I mean, OKAY I know there are lights there, but what else is there?

So, I decided to explore it myself :)

Cantik kan?
What's weird is that, all the while I was there, the only thing that was on my mind was
"I wonder how much is the electricity bill here?"
Like really.

A pink cactus, isn't it fascinating ;)
When I showed these amazing photos of I-City Mall to Azri, he told me that he hardly had the time to go, especially at night, and asked if he could go in the afternoon.
How on earth are you going to see the lights if you go during the noon and the sky is bright, my dear brother? *slaps forehead*

This is the part I can't understand.
This is supposed to be Safari land or something.
Tapi ada dinasour dekat tengah-tengah Safari.
OMG Dinasours are so last season. -___-

BTW if I do a personality test according to what type of bird I am,
I'm a peacock :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Gossip girl here.
Your one and only source of Kuala Lumpur's elite.


Alia, with a huge ring on her finger.
Looks like Alia is ending her freedom for marital bliss.

Careful, girls...

You might be the NEXT one.

You know you love me.
XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Note: I am NOT a socialite.
(I do not have the money neither the fashion sense or the time to social, LOL)

But I like Paris Hilton, the ONLY socialite that I like.
She gets paid by being stupid and doing nothing.
Isn't that just amazing?
I mean come on, who doesn't want to do nothing, (like just going to the restaurant for lunch), and people actually pay for you to dine there?

Note: Mya is so not a wallflower.
Hahahaha this is an absolute lie!!! -___-
But since she was the one who made these cards... we have no say.. Hahaha

Note: You see that photo of Beyonce look a-like in bikini?
Yes, Syasha is that sexy in real life.
Hahahaha -___-

And OMG Narez's body.... She can pull anything off!
Just like supermodel, don't you just hate her? *grins*

That's our awesome personalized name cards, single-handedly done by Mya.
(Isn't she just talented?)
Thanks, Mya, those invites & name cards are amazing!

The theme was, *duh* Gossip Girls.

Initially I wanted to dress as Little Jenny, but H picked me a dress that was much more appropriate (tutup aurat) so,
I was dressed as decent Blair Waldorf *duh*
Mya dressed as 'Sexy Blair Waldorf'
Nareez dressed a Blair + Jenny (B+J) so we called her BJ that night
Syasha dressed as Serena Van Der Woodsen
I was in charge of balloons that night.
As I arrive with full of balloons in my hand, our main balloon, the one with the "Bride to Be" photos, suddenly popped, as I made it go through the ceiling fan.
Okay on my defense, I DID NOT see the ceiling fan.

So yeah, the balloon popped even before the bride arrived -____-

One of the best part of the night is definitely the cupcakes.
Oh my God.
Yes it is quite obscene, I know.
*guiltily looks away*

Ada gaya macam kumpulan Feminin zaman 90-an tu tak?
It was an incredible night, had fun with the Gossip Girls.

You know what they say...
What happens on a Bachelorette night, stays on a Bachelorette night :)


Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello, Kopitiam!

I'll be moving to North in 6 days.

And no, I have yet to find a place to stay.
Thus, I will be staying in a hotel for the moment.
(Note: I was offered to go to North for career progression and surprisingly I took up the offer, after almost 5 months of solid and not so solid convincing from Shell's Top Management. And no, Daddy still DOESN'T approve me going there -__- But I AM going - despite the fact that I hate leaving my current job portfolio)

Sometimes I need to slap my face to realize what is happening.

Some people might say, "It's just up North, it's only a few hours drive for God's sake!"
I understand.

But me, I never did anything on my own.
Oh well, it's time challenge myself to a new boundary.

In 6 days, I'll be on my own, at least, for the next 1 year.

Well, let's see what North has to offer.
I kind of like the thrill of going North (*shifty eyes*) alone where I don't know anybody or even have a place to stay.

My life is totally going to change, no?
At least, for the weekdays, while I'm there.
**** And on weekends, I'll be back home. Every weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Segmen Raya Kedua - 2010

Hari Raya Ke dua.
Bersama rakan-rakan baik, yang sama-sama, tidak pulang ke kampung halaman
*** tsk tsk ***

Ini serious pura-pura ketawa.
Tapi nampak real, kan?

With Mya & Belle

My attempt to take group photo
Failed -___- coz langsung tiada gaya -___-

Zhaf berjaya ambil group photo

Habis semua kawasan rumah di jadikan lokasi bergambar.
Makan pun dah berapa kali.
Sehingga Mama suruh pergi Ayamas beli lagi ayam.
Kena masak tambah -__-

Gambar gedik, satu.
(BTW credits to Abg Seyno & Abg Adi the Guards, kerana pasang dan susun Pelita di padang rumah. Cheh macam diorang baca je blog ni. Hello? Abg Seyno? Adi? Baca tak?)

Lepak-lepak sampai malam.
Main bunga api.

Nak buat I love you tetapi ini adalah hasil terbaik kami.
Selamat Hari Raya Ke-Dua.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Segmen Raya Pertama - 2010

Meet Grumpy.
That's Grumpy, in her Hari Raya mode.

And Little Monster ;)

Yes, yes, I know.. (and so does everybody)
That Little Monster is my favorite and I hardly pay attention to Little Elena Grumpy.
Guilty as charged.

Anyway, I've been really really lazy to update.
Plus, the UNIFI at home is not really compatible with my iMAC -___-
Apparently I need to get a better router to enable the WiFi at this house.

Few months back, my sister asked me to choose a theme color for this year raya, and I said, "Yellow."
So on the first day of Raya, I came downstairs with my awesome Yellow baju raya, and, only to realize that everybody was wearing Pink!!!
(Because Dad thinks Yellow is so not his color)

So I went upstairs and wore this 'I look like I'm pregnant' baju to match everybody.

(I was wearing Yellow for few hours, but my Sister got annoyed with the color, because I was so out of theme, but hello, I was THE ONLY one with the theme, the theme is Yellow remember!)

See how adorable he is?
(So what if he's my favorite? Hahaha!)

I'm such a Daddy's girl.
As I seek for his forgiveness during 1st day of Raya,
he told me he only wished for 2 things:-
1) For me to get married in the next 2 years (***shifty eyes***)
2) For me change my decision about work
(in other words, QUIT WORKING for Shell) hahhaha
*double shifty eyes*

Oh, and yes, Daddy got me a Raya present -____-

Notice Daddy behind there?
I was so busy taking pictures I didn't even realize Daddy sedang baca-baca Doa & Ayat Kursi for my new car -___-