Monday, February 28, 2011

I Wrote This For You #7

Wish you were here.
Wish I was there.
Wish it was different.
Wish wishes come true.
(I'd wish you back)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I miss the fireworks.

I miss the hill, where I'd sit and wait for the fireworks.
I miss the breeze from the wind, blowing my hair.
I miss waiting for the first pop.
I miss the little sparkles on the sky.
I miss the dusts of drawings at the stars.
I miss breathing the smoky air.
I miss the sound of explosions.
I miss the calmness; after the fireworks.

I miss the fireworks.

Mee Udang Paling Sedap

Hello everyone, greetings from Sg Dua, Penang :)

I was in Alor Setar last week, (for the first time in my life!),
and on my way back Jo brought me to this place called Selera Sri Tambang, where the serve the BEST MEE UDANG, EVER!

I remember when I was small, my family & I used to stop by this place on our way back from KL to Kelantan.
And we would meet up my relatives from Perak & Penang, and from there we would all convoy back to Kelantan.

Before, we had to travel via car because the Family needed the car when we were back in Kelantan (Grandma's place).
But Dad found a better alternative like 10 years ago, when he bought a car and just left it at Grandma's house.

So yeah, no more travelling by car from that day onwards.

Thus, no more of the best Mee Udang of my life.

That's why I didn't miss a chance to eat it again as I was travelling from Kedah.
(The things I'd do for food.. Hi hi hi)

Excuse my face. Baru bangun tidur.
Okay it was a loooonggg journey OKAYYY -_-
And Edi had such a comfortable car with pillows *-*

Tempat makan dia simple je.

Had Air Kelapa, very good for outdoor eatery places.
Very chilling.

Udang yang begitu besar. Nyum!

We ordered 2 types, Mee Goreng & Mee Rebus

My personal favorite is actually Mee Goreng.
Very very tasty.
And... the prawns...... delicious, and FRESH!

Okay hari ini sahaja dah naik 1 kilo.
Bye bye.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pampas Grill & Bar

I have a new favorite hang out place in KL.

Changkat Bukit Bintang!
It's amazing how I can find such good food right the in middle of the clubbing district ;)

It is called Pampas Grill & Bar.
I don't know how I could have missed it all these years, I guess when I was young (Chehh) I only go to Changkat for 'party' purposes.. not for food -__-

If you're lucky (like me, wtf), you will be served with the Soup of the day, for free!

I tried their Mushroom soup, I thought it was too rich, sesuai untuk di makan begitu sahaja, tidak sesuai untuk dijadikan appetizer coz nanti sure muak nak makan benda lain.
(Cheh, dapat free lagi nak complaint)

My personal favorite is their Seafood soup in Tomato paste.
Very generous serving of seafood. Masam masin secukup rasa. Tak muak.
But it's quite big, so you might want to think about sharing.

For starters, I ordered the Soft Shell Crab with Wasabi dressing.

And Gambas. (Prawn Tapas)
Ala, macam udang masak merah je sebenarnya -__-
Tapi, udang masak merah yang mahal hahahaha FML

Of course, chicken wings.
I'm a huge fan of Chicken wings, but hmm, let me put it this way, I don't think you need to order the Chicken Wings here, lagi sedap masak Drummet Ayamas dekat rumah -__-

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, of course, my main course...
Sirloin steak with mashed potatos & asparagus!
The steak was tender, and the sauce, you should ask for mushroom sauce, you mix it with medium well steak, and OMG I tell you, perfect combination!

If you are a big eater, you can always add some Sauteed mushroom as your side dish :P

Okay now moving on to my FAVORITE PART of the meal. Yes. DESSERTS :)

The Chocolate ganache with hot choc fudge and vanilla ice cream.

Okay, so the REAL reason why Pampas is MY new favorite place is because ......


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Political Crisis


Salah satu perkara aku paling benci buat.
Baca tentang politik.
Atau, ambil tahu tentang politik.

Aku memang anti & pro government, which means I don't care.
I know it's bad, tapi aku memang tidak suka dan tidak mahu ambil kisah tentang situasi politik.

We have BN and PKR to worry about that.
Let them fight, argue & debate.
I don't care.

I live in my bubble.
My happy bubble.

Daddy selalu cakap, kena ambil tahu situasi semasa, kisah-kisah politik terkini, tetapi, I don't really see the benefit out of it.
I'm not going into politics, so really, why do I need to waste my time reading, or knowing about it?
Semangat Satu Malaysia? (And no, knowing politics do make you 1 Malaysia)
I mean, I really rather be spending my time doing, something else.

So, guess what?
The funniest thing happened.
I've been assigned to do some political research - on the ground work, on how the instability of 'some' political party in 'some' state might impact investors in/by the next GE.
Even writing about it; is depressing.

Cliche, no?
I'm so not into politics.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

My best friend, Dylla, stopped celebrating Valentine's Day we were 15.
And my other best friend, Myra, just doesn't like celebrating it.

Well, me, I have always been a sucker for anything and everything romantic.
But 2 years ago, I decided to stop celebrating Valentine's Day too.
(Why? I guess I'm the kind of person who likes to try different things every once in a while -_-)
It was too over-rated anyway.

But this year, I did some soul searching and realize that I still find Valentine's Day romantic.
Hahahaha OKAY so I LOVE Valentine's Day.
Kill me -_-

It's a good day to celebrate your love.
Now don't get me wrong, I think you should cherish your loved ones EVERY second, but this is like taking one special day to REALLY appreciate them.
NOT to do questionable things,
NOT to splurge your money,
But just to celebrate, love.

All I wanted was to go out for a dinner with my loved ones, talk about life, etc.
But I guess, I was not meant to celebrate Valentine's Day -__-

I fell sick today.
Like really, really sick up to a point where I could not even get up.
Up to a point where I matched my shoe with this ugly socks, as I made my way to the Hospital.

Yes, you can tell if the girl's really sick when she starts wearing socks with her Maryjanes because she's too cold/hot from the fever and she doesn't even care if she looks like Michael Jackson.

But as I was whining about my sickness (and the Hospital had THE WORST SERVICE ever) and I miss home and the Hospital I had back home, even though the service was pretty much as crappy, but it wasn't foreign.
It was familiar.
(Okay this is my homesick talking)

Well, like I was saying, as I was whining about my sickness,
a delivery guy came and gave me this :)

Yes, a cute teddy bear with Purple roses :)
And chocolates.

I thought it was pretty awesome that the Delivery guy could find me even when I was at the Hospital doing a check up.

I think it must been something that has got to do with his KPI, that, or it must be something in the 'Note' the sender wrote to him ;)

Whatever it is, it sure made my day and you know what, this is what Valentine's Day is all about, celebrating love, even if it was at the Hospital, even if I felt that I was about to die.

(Okay drama queen, but you get the point :)

PS: Have you celebrated your love? Or are you just going to take it for granted? It's never too late ;)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Wrote This For You #6

This is the song I only sing when you're sleeping.
These are the words I say when you can't hear me.
This is the way I look when you can't see me.

And you will never know.

Friday, February 11, 2011

It Does Not Fit Anymore

Special announcement:
Due to unforeseen weight gain, I will only wear black color from today onwards.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flam's Changkat Bukit Bintang

I have always loved food hunting.

Fine dining, chic, elegant, warung, kedai kopi, stall, restaurants, tepi jalan, depan club, celup-celup, kedai goreng pisang, you name it, if it's good, I'm always game for it.

Xul told me couple days ago that he has ran out of new places to eat because I stopped writing about my food huntings. (I had a food blog before).

Well Xul, this is for you.
(You owe me Tom Yam Fried Rice & Butter Prawns, and Affogatos for dessert)

Couple nights ago, I had dinner at Flam's Changkat Bukit Bintang.

I would say the place is presentable, quite chic.
More of a bar concept, but a quiet place where you can hang out with your friends and talk.
But of course, it is located right in the centre of Changkat, and Friday/Saturday nights are usually, a havoc -__-

I ordered Lime Soda.
It was just OKAY, I've tasted better elsewhere.

For starters, I had Escargot
(Siput babi version Spanish. HAHAHAHA)


Then I had Hawaian & Chicken Pizza.
It's thin crust, so you have to eat them immediately once it's served, kalau tak nanti sejuk lepas tu terus dah tak sedap.

I also tried the Squid Ink Fettucini.
I had the Squid Ink before in Italy and I really was hoping for it to look as gross as what I had, FYI they used spagetti and it was BLACK and it looked like I was eating very very very long black, sweaty worms.
Hahaha gross I know.

But instead, this is how they serve it at Flam's

I didn't really like the taste, as it was very mild and they have too much olive oil in it.

And they serve the WORST AFFOGATO ever, I didn't even bother taking the photo.

Anyway, do you like my shirt?

It's PLAY by Comme des Garçons, a Japanese Fashion label, a label I find awfully CUTE!
You can shop for their clothes here > PLAY

I even got Aliff & Elena few pairs, and both of them looked SO SO SO SO SO SO adorable in those heart shape love bug :D