Friday, March 25, 2011

Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

Nama Bangkok Lane, tetapi bukan di Thailand.
Jangan terpedaya, ia hanya di Pulau Pinang -__-

Selalu dengar orang sebut Mee Bangkok Lane, Mee Bangkok Lane.
So I ajak Edi & Alfian to have lunch here.

Jalan dia cantik, macam berada di negara Eropah.
Parking senang.

Kedai dia warung sahaja.
Kedai Cina.
Tetapi Mamak Muslim jual Mee, dalam kedai Cina tu.

Dekat bahagian luar pula, ada orang Melayu jual air.
Dengan Roti Bakar.
So, boleh pilih la nak duduk di mana.
Kedai Melayu, atau Kedai Cina.
Untuk makan Mee Bangkok Lane masakan Mamak Muslim.
(One Malaysia)

Buat mereka yang tidak pernah cuba lagi, this is how it looks like.
Mee Goreng.

Ini pula Mee Rebus.

Buat mereka yang tidak PERNAH rasa Mee Goreng yang tersohor di Pulau Pinang ini, nah.
I tolong makan untuk you.
Mee dia sedap, secukup rasa.
(Tak faham apa yang tersohor sangat. If you notice that I gained weight in that photo, kindly just keep your comments to yourself. Miahahahaha -_-)

But honestly, I thought that Mee Goreng Udang Sg Dua was way way nicer :P
Pasal ada Udang :P

Okay so I find the Mee - average.

But I found something else more interesting/fascinating there.

Tengok cara depa bakaq roti tu?
(Chewah, ada slang macam orang Utara tak?)

Anyway Pakcik dekat sana was kind enough for letting me try to bakar that roti
(Budak jakun)

Diorang pakai arang rebus air masak.
Air masak tu untuk jual air.
Arang tu pakai untuk bakar roti bakar.

O cost to electricity.
O cost for maintenance

Best kan?!?!?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Wrote This For You #10

The stories I tell you are ambiguous, micro stories.

The important thing I do to these stories, is that I leave out a lot of detail,
And there's a reason for this.

By leaving out things like gender, age, race, locations,
You apply the stories to yourself.

There is no story I can tell you, that is as powerful as the story; you tell yourself.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gold Chilli, SS15

Jika anda panggil diri anda Budak Subang, anda pasti tahu akan Gold Chilli.
Atau lebih mesra dengan nama "Tom Yam Fried Rice" dengan generasi-generasi veteran SJ.

I remember, when I was back in high school, ini adalah tempat utama remaja-remaja pergi makan tengahari di bulan Puasa -___-
They EVEN HAVE a dedicated 'sila makan tanpa kena kantoi' corner hahaha ingat TAK? -__-
(Disclaimer: I tak pernah pergi sana masa bulan puasa -__- )

Anyway, years and many years later, tukar management but the place is still good.
My personal favorite is obviously the butter prawns/squid/chicken with Tom Yam Fried Rice.
I always order them, but NEVER can finish.
(Orang Tamak Selalu Rugi)

The best butter milk I've tasted my whole life.

Lately, I noticed that this place has become one of the 'happening' places for the younger generations to hang out.

I was having lunch there last weekend with The Boys (cheh, the Boys, blah la korang), and my brother BBM me "Are you at Gold Chilli?"

I said "Yeah, how do you know?"

And his reply, "I know. That's practically MY shop. MY hang out place."

I was like, WTF, your shop, adik? Hahahaha *roll eyes*

I didn't realize Gold Chilli had become so cool that the younger generation (like my brother) would actually claim that shop as THEIRS. LOL

Tak sangka Gold Chilli begitu popular dan tak sangka I am blogging about you today.
(Tapi dia punya butter milk prawn serious sedap)

Note: Adik, jangan makan dekat sini time bulan puasa, nanti kena tangkap.
Sekarang tempat ini sudah tak coverline.
Pergi tapau McDonald's and makan dekat rumah.
EHH wtf.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Wrote This For You #9

There are days, when I want to walk to you & scream in your face.

Everything you want to happen, will happen, if you decide you want it enough.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marina Island, Pangkor

Helllooooo everyone :)
Greetings from, ermm.. Marina Island Pangkor :)

Marina Island Pangkor is one of Malaysia's premier man-made islands, which are being built on the coast of Teluk Muruh, opposite Pangkor Island and Pangkor Laut.

The project which is being developed by Marina Sanctuary Resort Sdn Bhd, is reclaimed from the sea with total area of 316.9 acres, 400 meters from the mainland's shoreline.

Obviously the reason I'm here is because of work, and obviously I didn't have anything to do with choosing an island for a meeting -__-

The place is very relaxing, and there were not many people around. I think it's because it is on a weekday.
It's amazing to see how people can convert sea into an island and claim it is their land.
Isn't it just smart?

Trying my best to cover my fascination.
So we had our meeting for only 3 hours, that is including lunch time :P And the rest, oh well, we went round and round to explore the place and for more makan-makan -__-

Overall I would say that this is a cool island, but then again, nothing compared to Pulau Pangkor itself, and honestly, I don't see many people here and the return of investment is just not realized, just yet.

Well I guess I just have to get my team to keep on coming here to help the developers to get some profit out of this project.
(Justified, Boss? *shifty eyes*)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do You Want To Rent My DVDs?

Look what someone who just came back from Phillipines got me *grins*

An over-supply of the latest series/episodes/movies :D
*thank you*
FYI harga buat kesemua DVDs di atas adalah cuma RM100 di PH!!! -__-

Note: This is why I don't go to the movies -___- I mean, WHY would I?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does Santa shop?

Last weekend, I was so excited to go back home because I was going shopping!
No, not shopping for me (I never shop for me! -__-), but shopping for MY FAMILY.

It's the time of the year where I get my Bonus, and Alhamdulilah,
this year I got more than I deserve.
More than I needed.

So, I decided to buy each of my family members whatever I thought they needed.

After 2 hours of shopping in KLCC, I came back with:-

A bag for Mom because I know she likes that collection :)
A Golf Bag for Dad because his current golf bag is like 7 years old -__-
2 Set of Lingerie and Cash vouchers for Kak Ija because she's sexy like that -__-
A pair of sandals for Abg Fezal because I hate his current favorite sandals -_-
A Parfum for Azri because HE LIKES TO USE Abg Fezal's parfum -_-
A college bag for Azam because his current bag is brown and that's so last season -__-
A Bakugen Battlefield for Aliff because he likes to play on the carpet -__-
and finally,
An elegant dress for Baby Elena because she's so gengster -_-

And for ME?
What did I get for me?
Nothing but CALORIES & FAT
because I ate like 9,999,999 times that day

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Wrote This For You #8

The now, that didn't; then.

But really, everything happens all at once.

Every single moment that's passed,
And the moments still to come,
Are all happening right now, in this moment.

You are young. You are old.
You laugh. You cry. You smile.
You win. You lose.

You don't care about either anymore.

You love.
You don't.
You love again.

You hurt.
You heal.

All at once.

There's nothing and no one to miss because it's all still happening.
They're still here.

And it'll all continue to happen, forever.