Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marina Island, Pangkor

Helllooooo everyone :)
Greetings from, ermm.. Marina Island Pangkor :)

Marina Island Pangkor is one of Malaysia's premier man-made islands, which are being built on the coast of Teluk Muruh, opposite Pangkor Island and Pangkor Laut.

The project which is being developed by Marina Sanctuary Resort Sdn Bhd, is reclaimed from the sea with total area of 316.9 acres, 400 meters from the mainland's shoreline.

Obviously the reason I'm here is because of work, and obviously I didn't have anything to do with choosing an island for a meeting -__-

The place is very relaxing, and there were not many people around. I think it's because it is on a weekday.
It's amazing to see how people can convert sea into an island and claim it is their land.
Isn't it just smart?

Trying my best to cover my fascination.
So we had our meeting for only 3 hours, that is including lunch time :P And the rest, oh well, we went round and round to explore the place and for more makan-makan -__-

Overall I would say that this is a cool island, but then again, nothing compared to Pulau Pangkor itself, and honestly, I don't see many people here and the return of investment is just not realized, just yet.

Well I guess I just have to get my team to keep on coming here to help the developers to get some profit out of this project.
(Justified, Boss? *shifty eyes*)

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Jeremy Chuen said...

Is it open to public?