Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Natrah Musim Ke-2

I watched Natrah the Theatre tonight.

Honestly, all the while, I see the Natrah tragedy in political, racial and religious point of view.

Kisah perbalahan antara Malaya, Singapura, Inggeris & Belanda untuk merebut seorang kanak-kanak kecil Belanda yang di besarkan secara Islam.
Kisah perebutan antara Islam dan Katholik.

That was how I saw Natrah.

But after tonight, I see her in a different perspective.

All the while, all the media, were so focused on defending the ego of the affected countries,
the 2 religious issue,
All the controversy.

But we never really focused on the real issue itself,
that human being called Natrah.

How she truly felt, how lost she might have been, or how broken she was after the whole tragedy.

Now, I see her, as a lost soul, a broken lady.

Anyway Maya Karin played Natrah.
I think she's really hot :)

But of course, not as hot as Aaron Aziz!

(Dear Aaron, I honestly feel that you should have been MAIN actor!! You're so hot! *hugs*)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fahrenheit88 Official Opening

That's our new shopping mall, Fahrenheit88.

H said that it's a collaboration between him and Fahrin, thus, it's called Fahrenheit (Fahrin+Hadie= fahrenheit?)

Hahaha OK perlu ke kau tulis di sini, Aziati?

fahrenheit88's Official opening on 23rd November 2010.
Can you see awesome my signature there? :D
*the Blackberry curse*
I can't seem to get my fingers away from my BB for more than 15 mins -___-

Anyway, 23rd Nov also marks the first day of the official day for YEAR END SALE (YES!)

I mean come on, is there any other HAPPIER day than the day where the YEAR END SALE starts?
*dance happily*

I was quite excited to visit this new mall, because it sounds so chic, and plus it's located next to Pavillion, so I was expecting something as good as Pavillion.

But really.

The only 2 things I liked about fahrenheit88 is Sushi Zanmai and Uniqlo.
Well, maybe the shops are not fully opened yet, but I don't know,

I don't like fahrenheit88.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am actually, really, busy with work.
*shifty eyes*