Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Responsibility to Shop

Economy Crisis.
The US Market Collapse.
Thus, the Americans have STOPPED spending.
And now; it is left to us/kita, the ASIANs to bring back the world economy back to stabilization.

For every 1USD the Americans are saving,we ASIANs have to SPEND 16USD to fix this market.
(Taken from Vincent Chin, Managing Director for Boston Consulting Group; during an informal session with him; just few hours ago- Please refer to newspapers, The Economist, Fortune, or the world market news for better understanding of the scenario; I'm too lazy to write in detail..)

Thus; in my layman terms,
I have to do some EXTRA shopping now, EH?
(Nice and simple conclusion, No? Why do they EVEN need to come up with Intellectualizer strategies....)

Come on, kids.
It's for the world economy stabilization.Let's swipe and max out the credit cards!

As everyone in the room (filled with successful; high profiled people),
started to stimulate and ask questions to Vincent Chin on his views on
"the Regulators, Speculators, Stimulis, Government";
seeking his expertise and advise on financial analysis;

The only question that was on my mind;
"Why is he wearing a BROWN Ferragamo shoe with a RED Neck Tie, Pink Shirt & Black Pants?"

I am so Analysis Paralysis material.

Friday, June 26, 2009

You've been Eliminated

I was surfing facebook,
And I saw, his new profile picture -_-

What's wrong with this photo?
Dari mata kamu, nothing.

So, apa kata aku upload full version of this photo, YA?
Ka-na-sai!!He cropped me out of the photo!

hahahaha WTF!@#

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weak Knees

The butterflies in my tummy are flying like they're on drugs today.

He asked me, "B, do you want me to come?"

I answered, "Yes, I want you to cum. Here & Now."

Oh kids.
That's just typo.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Club Med

I was out for a late night supper & drive with Almond.

We were driving, sitting and talking in his car when the cops stopped us.

First things first, jika kena tahan dengan polis, silalah keluarkan duit dari wallet kamu awal-awal.
Tinggalkan lebih kurang RM20-50 lah.
Kalau tak, tak pasal-pasal kena 'pau' semua isi kandungan wallet.

Sebaik sahaja Almond took out the cash, sedar-sedar dah terpacak dah 3 orang polis di sekeliling kereta kami.

Initially they were rather rude, asking if we had the license to get the car fully tinted, and who approved the modification, that was there anyone in the back seat, because they couldn't see anything, and why didn't we unlock the car, etc, etc.

Well, they're doing their JOB, and I admit Almond did violate the rule by modifying the car.
Jadi kami standby sahaja apabila kena saman.
It's not the first time, anyway.

Kemudian mereka (Polis), minta IC Almond.
Once they saw his IC, their behavior changed.
Suddenly they were smiling and tepuk bahu Almond, cakap
"Dah lama pakai kereta ini, Almond?"
"Nak pergi mana nie?"
"Tun, sihat?"
They started talking to him like he was their best friends or something.

I find the behavorial change; quite offensive.
Just because there's a connection to a certain someone someone, we can break the rule?

Tiada saman.
Tiada kena pau.
Siap dapat VVIP treatment.

I must say Alhamdulilah tak kena saman, but come on?

Those people with the connections are those who can actually afford to pay the saman, that can actually afford to give bribery, so WHY exclude them?
Not only EXCLUDE them, but why the VVIP treatment?

After the police left, I told Almond, "It's a corrupted, unfair world. You, lucky bugger."
Then I took the cash he hid and threw it out of the window.

"For justice."

Friday, June 19, 2009


Aku pergi pub.
Dengan Boss.
(Macam takde kawan lain kan? hahaha wtf)

Dengar muzik; zaman Enam-puluhan.
Zaman-zaman dia.

Iya, aku pun belum lahir.
Kakak aku pun belum lahir.
Ibu bapa aku pun belum kahwin.
Yes, zaman itu.

Keluar lagu The Marvelettes,
dia terus nyanyi, "Hey, Mr Postman...."
Aku ketawa sampai keluar air mata.
(Sila download, ok)

Kemudian, dia hisap rokok.
Aku jadi hairan.
"But, you don't smoke," aku kata.

"Peer pressure." dia jawab.

Aku kata, "If you feel the need to be one of us (the young ones), smoking's not the way. Smoking is so last season."

"Then? What's in, this season?" dia tanya, sambil buang puntung rokok.

Aku senyum.
"First of all, you gotta stop singing that song. Try Black Eyed Peas or something."

"Flaming Lamborghini."

Baru la betul, kan?

(My Boss' bukan Islam, maka minuman ini kurang haram baginya. Harap maklum. Hahaha wtf Disclaimer.)

Kids, don't drink.
(Kawan-kawan adik aku ramai baca blog ini,
Jangan nak deny)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Okay; there's 2 sides of every story.

He he he.

Sememangnya aku seorang gadis irrational, NATURALLY.
Jadi "minta maaf. " (Cheh. Cara minta maaf, NICE & short, no need to explain banyak-banyak la kot, hahaha wtf)

Dan, aku hadir dalam hidup kau; membawa kenangan, kisah dan memori aku.

WITH all the excess baggage,
hoping for everyone to understand and accept it.
But sometimes, THEY DON'T need to understand.

We need to learn to live by not understanding each other.
And be OK with that.

We need to learn to change and let go of our past,
To keep what we have; our present, priorities & future.

But, well,
Most of the time,
We pretend everything is A-Okay,
And act like there's no issue to even be discussed about.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


After months of wishful thinking,
I finally got what I wished for.

Aku punya wish for the past 2 years,
supaya dapat colleague:-
a) Lelaki
b) Melayu
c) Muda
d) Single
e) Not a NERD/ not a geek
f) Kelakar
g) Kacak (hahahaha, wtf)

He's (Let's nickname him H here) coming, in July,
and he'll be seated next to me.
Thank you, Boss.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovers and Friends

Let me introduce you to ; Almond :)
(bukan nama sebenar, haha wtf)
Macam bagus, semua manusia di beri nickname di dalam blog ini. He he he.

7 tahun lalu, aku teman Myra (one of my girlfriends), pergi lihat Adri (her husband now, back then was her bf.. ahem), main bola di Sunway College.
At that time, I was also still studying in Sunway College.

Jadi kami di sana, watching the boys.
There; I met Almond.

People say we're twins; separated at birth :)

We had the same taste in food.
We had the same hobby, interest.

What I felt funny, he felt it too.
What he felt fascinating, I felt it too.

Most importantly, we shared the same ideologies and principles in life.

We dated for a while,
but because we were too similar, (it was like dating myself. hahaha)
It didn't work out.
So; we ended up as good friends.

We went through quite a lot; I must say.
And he helped me through certain phases in my life,
As I helped him through his.

Sometimes people don't understand what we have.

We were not involved romantically;
But we finished each other sentences almost all the time,
And we laughed about the silliest things; things that people just don't get.

We remained friends throughout the years,
Through my and his ups and downs,
We were always there for each other.

We never talked about love, because we honestly felt that we were destined to be good friends.

Then middle last year; we got busy with our lives.

Couple months back, I received a phone call from Myra, quite simple, her words, as I recall,
"Almond's married."

I almost dropped my phone.
I felt quite weird initially, because he didn't tell me he was getting married;
But all in all; I somehow understood.

We were complicated in nature, but I still regard him as one of my good friends;
Regardless of our history & all its complications;
He was still someone who played an important role in my life.

So why would I tell this story now?
After all these years?

Because today; I was out with him.
6 months after his marriage; and prolly almost a year of not meeting him;
We decided to meet up.

First things first; one for the road photo.
Yes, lihat cincin itu? >>>>
Cincin kahwin :) Hehehe.
Inside, ada engrave.
Ha, meaning dia; siapa bijak, sila teka.

I didn't ask him why he didn't tell me earlier that he was getting married;
Because, well, I already knew the answer.

But one question, I will share the answer; in this blog.
Why we decided to meet up.

"I'm happy with my wife, but there's something missing. You."
Because; being married doesn't mean you have to loose your best friend.

As long as we know who is it that we should and must prioritize.
Because; being married also means that you have to sacrifice.

Haha stupid double meaning.
Bye bye.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Right Thing

Baru sahaja aku mahu lelapkan mata,
Talifon aku berdering.


"He is in trouble."
Aku terus terjaga.

Ini bukan revolusi yang aku mahu.
Tapi, ini yang aku peroleh.
Pada pukul 3 pagi.

Jadi, aku terus bangun.
Pergi ke dia.
Lebih elok aku nickname dia Loser di sini.

Loser, yang di bawah jagaan aku.
Tanggungjawab aku.

Sepanjang jalan, aku hanya diam.
Lihat jalan raya.
Sekali sekala, curi pandang kepada si pemandu, BumbleBee.
Kena heret sekali.

Tiba di sana, aku lihat Loser.

First things first, aku keluarkan talifon.
Terus "Click," ambil gambar, one for the road photo.
Priceless moment, aku capture.

Kemudian aku pandang Loser dan cakap, "What the fuck?"
Namun, apa yang mampu difahami oleh seseorang yang wasted?
A wasted loser.

So I poured water all over his body.
"Bodoh." bisik hati aku.

"Tak tahu minum, jangan nak minum. Stupid." aku bicara seorang diri.
Di tandas awam itu, aku suruh dia pakai baju.
Baju yang penuh dengan his own vomit.

"Siapa suruh pakai white shirt to clubs? Stupid." aku geram, bicara, lagi.
Tiba kembali di kereta, BumbleBee datang, membawa Green Tea.
"Ask him to drink that."

Aku sumbat Green Tea masuk dalam mulut dia.
Cari baju baru, untuk tukar, dalam kereta.

No choice, wear your fucking vomit.

Aku berdiri, pandang BumbleBee.
BumbleBee, pandang aku.
Kami, pandang dia.

"Funny they called you...." dia membebel, dalam khayal.

"Shut up."

Iya, they called me because they know I will fix this shit.

After I fixed all this shit up,
It's FUNNIER ; that the next thing I know; the person that ends up in shit, is ME.