Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovers and Friends

Let me introduce you to ; Almond :)
(bukan nama sebenar, haha wtf)
Macam bagus, semua manusia di beri nickname di dalam blog ini. He he he.

7 tahun lalu, aku teman Myra (one of my girlfriends), pergi lihat Adri (her husband now, back then was her bf.. ahem), main bola di Sunway College.
At that time, I was also still studying in Sunway College.

Jadi kami di sana, watching the boys.
There; I met Almond.

People say we're twins; separated at birth :)

We had the same taste in food.
We had the same hobby, interest.

What I felt funny, he felt it too.
What he felt fascinating, I felt it too.

Most importantly, we shared the same ideologies and principles in life.

We dated for a while,
but because we were too similar, (it was like dating myself. hahaha)
It didn't work out.
So; we ended up as good friends.

We went through quite a lot; I must say.
And he helped me through certain phases in my life,
As I helped him through his.

Sometimes people don't understand what we have.

We were not involved romantically;
But we finished each other sentences almost all the time,
And we laughed about the silliest things; things that people just don't get.

We remained friends throughout the years,
Through my and his ups and downs,
We were always there for each other.

We never talked about love, because we honestly felt that we were destined to be good friends.

Then middle last year; we got busy with our lives.

Couple months back, I received a phone call from Myra, quite simple, her words, as I recall,
"Almond's married."

I almost dropped my phone.
I felt quite weird initially, because he didn't tell me he was getting married;
But all in all; I somehow understood.

We were complicated in nature, but I still regard him as one of my good friends;
Regardless of our history & all its complications;
He was still someone who played an important role in my life.

So why would I tell this story now?
After all these years?

Because today; I was out with him.
6 months after his marriage; and prolly almost a year of not meeting him;
We decided to meet up.

First things first; one for the road photo.
Yes, lihat cincin itu? >>>>
Cincin kahwin :) Hehehe.
Inside, ada engrave.
Ha, meaning dia; siapa bijak, sila teka.

I didn't ask him why he didn't tell me earlier that he was getting married;
Because, well, I already knew the answer.

But one question, I will share the answer; in this blog.
Why we decided to meet up.

"I'm happy with my wife, but there's something missing. You."
Because; being married doesn't mean you have to loose your best friend.

As long as we know who is it that we should and must prioritize.
Because; being married also means that you have to sacrifice.

Haha stupid double meaning.
Bye bye.


Anonymous said...

antara kawan dan kasih

Anonymous said...


Teka siapa said...
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angelX said...

Hee "Teka Siapa" ahem.
Tak perlu lah cakap camtu ye ;)
Saya tahu siapa awak :D

Anonymous said...

not a wonder why smeagol gets jealous.

angelX said...

Between sacrifice and compromise

brick said...

hanya ayat dan sebutan. bukan datang dari lubuk hati. kerana realitinya tidak.