Saturday, June 13, 2009


Okay; there's 2 sides of every story.

He he he.

Sememangnya aku seorang gadis irrational, NATURALLY.
Jadi "minta maaf. " (Cheh. Cara minta maaf, NICE & short, no need to explain banyak-banyak la kot, hahaha wtf)

Dan, aku hadir dalam hidup kau; membawa kenangan, kisah dan memori aku.

WITH all the excess baggage,
hoping for everyone to understand and accept it.
But sometimes, THEY DON'T need to understand.

We need to learn to live by not understanding each other.
And be OK with that.

We need to learn to change and let go of our past,
To keep what we have; our present, priorities & future.

But, well,
Most of the time,
We pretend everything is A-Okay,
And act like there's no issue to even be discussed about.

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