Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Responsibility to Shop

Economy Crisis.
The US Market Collapse.
Thus, the Americans have STOPPED spending.
And now; it is left to us/kita, the ASIANs to bring back the world economy back to stabilization.

For every 1USD the Americans are saving,we ASIANs have to SPEND 16USD to fix this market.
(Taken from Vincent Chin, Managing Director for Boston Consulting Group; during an informal session with him; just few hours ago- Please refer to newspapers, The Economist, Fortune, or the world market news for better understanding of the scenario; I'm too lazy to write in detail..)

Thus; in my layman terms,
I have to do some EXTRA shopping now, EH?
(Nice and simple conclusion, No? Why do they EVEN need to come up with Intellectualizer strategies....)

Come on, kids.
It's for the world economy stabilization.Let's swipe and max out the credit cards!

As everyone in the room (filled with successful; high profiled people),
started to stimulate and ask questions to Vincent Chin on his views on
"the Regulators, Speculators, Stimulis, Government";
seeking his expertise and advise on financial analysis;

The only question that was on my mind;
"Why is he wearing a BROWN Ferragamo shoe with a RED Neck Tie, Pink Shirt & Black Pants?"

I am so Analysis Paralysis material.


Imran said...

ur the cutest geek ever

Anonymous said...

your ideology equals to shopping..
with your so called ideology which is doing no good to your pocket and all u can think is to empty your purse and max out your credit card....??

GOOD!! i need a pair of Prada (brown colored leather sneakers) and a pair of Gucci (white colored with half leather and canvas material) from you.. thank u sayang.. ;)

u had enuff with ur shoes dy..
now it's mine.. ;)

angelX said...
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angelX said...

When reccession hits rock bottom, it's time to get rid of the cash & buy assets. Shoes do not fall under the asset category :P
I'm thinking more like a shop-lot, house, mm.. that condo in Kiara Hill....

Anonymous said...

bullshit!! u bought shoes from over the net.. and u showed to me and asked if i like it?? ehh hullo.. dah beli baru nak tanya.. ;P condo?? okies.. can.. sure.. will get u one.. will get u a car as well.. u cute geek.. ;)

Anonymous said...

btw, recession has not hit the bottom of the ROCK yet.. let's hope that Najib will be able to bring in more investors from China this year.. if he succeeds.. I salute Najib and he is definitely a Prime Minister material which loads of parties will agree with me.. after that.. u can buy all the shoes that you want okies?? and mine as well.. thank u..

-ugly geek-

Jeremy Chuen said...

the hottest girl that night

angelX said...

As an investor from China, can you tell me WHY I SHOULD invest in Malaysia?

In terms of labor, China has the competitive advantage, having more workers and with cheaper cost.

In terms of quality, Korea and Taiwan has the competitive advantage, having the better technology and expertise.

In terms of technology and innovation, we have Singpore competing with us, and they have international backup from USA.

In terms of human expertise, most of our GREAT TALENTS are working overseas, thus never wanting to come back to the country, therefore we loose our talents abroad.

Why should I invest in Malaysia?
Properties? With all the building crashing?
Airlines? Will the government allow free competition on low cost airlines?
F&B? Is it lucrative enough for Chinaman to set up a business here? And if I go for Francising, will the government stop me and ensure I offer majority share to Bumiputeras??

Anonymous said...

hello chinese investor..
the reason you should invest in malaysia is because :

1. land : malaysia has got tonnes of land for sale to those china people.. even it's not their land, hantam ajerr laa.. kasi jual, janji dapat duit.. (sapa tanak duit kan??)

2. labors : haven't u heard of "torture all u want" maids & labors?! goshh.. where ya from la babe? China mari kaa? ini Malaysia laa.. semua pun bole.. ;)

3. quality : macam laa china produce quality stuffs back home. their products were mass.. no doubt, but the quality mana babe? silap2 hari bulan kena electrocute masa u tgh blogging.. that's all because ur blogsite was designed in china.. hahaha.. if u look at taiwan and china's relationship, sapa u nak panggil to invest? you rasa sapa lagi kaya? in between korea and taiwan.. sapa lagi gempak? if you were to choose korea over taiwan, do u think they will invest big in Malaysia?

4. technology & innovations : singapore competing with us? mmg la.. they have money.. polis dorang pun kaya2 jer, siap bole organize drift event lagi tuh!! polis2 kat Malaysia? hmmpphh.. paham2 sendiri sudah.. chinamen pay the polis kat sini and get protection..
Singapore bole ajer beli apa2 yg dorang nak.. be it technology or innovations from somewhere else and claim that it's theirs.. ;)

5. talents : well.. u can forget abt those Malaysians working overseas for other country.. they are so mat salleh already like me.. apa laa sangat Malaysia nih?! gaji ciput, bosses couldn't give a flying fuck abt u, kalau bole.. bosses in Malaysia nih kan.. dorang akan squeeze u to work till u mati and provide u shit for all ur effort.. ;) unlike other places.. benefits bagus.. macam2 u dapat.. so buat per dorang nak kerja kat Malaysia nih yang langsung tak pedulikan hal ehwal rakyat mereka? polictians shouts "aku nak tolong Malaysia", belakang they shout,"aku kaya pasal duit korang..!!"
sebenarnya i ada byk lagi yg nak ditulis & elaborate.. tapi dah penat nak type..
dah merapu dah sebab screen kecik and u know me.. rabun.. ;P

angelX said...
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angelX said...

That does NOT answer my question.

You are comparing the relationships between the countries, but I'm merely asking what competitive advantage Malaysia has got to offer to attract investors; be it China, etc.

Anonymous said...

why some of the comments are deleted? hurrmmm...
anyway, the first ever comment from me was meant to diss Najib.. if u think Najib can bring in more investors, u can buy ur shoes.. if not, don't buy at all.. yg u siap talk abt recession and all.. hahaha..

angelX said...

Of course we talk about recession, because we are in middle of recession, or have you not felt it at all?
One of the lucky few that aren't affected with the economy downturn?

If you are; please go buy Google shares now =)

And invest!!

Anonymous said...

rite!! googles shares!! fuck the american.. fuck the asians!! most of all fuck the recession!! kita enjoy!! ;)

angelX said...

Obviously we need to take advantage of US market collapse.
Now is the time.

Then 5 yrs down the road, we can enjoy the returns ;) Mmm mmm.

Is this really me talking about economy? Hahahahaa

Okay lets go back to normal blogging -_-