Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Guess who just bought her flight tickets back to Malaysia?


Monday, October 24, 2011

iPhone 4S

I was quite excited coming to US - to get the new iPhone 5.
But they decided to launch iPhone 4S instead.

I thought, what a joke -_-

Anyway, I still had to get a new line for my new role, and here in the US - all the lines come with a phone.
So of course I went to Apple.

Then John (the Salesman) told me about Siri (The Personal Assistant) for iPhone 4GS - a new feature they have.
It's super cool, she talks to you, tells you stuff...
Anything you want to know, you ask her, and she will tell you!

You can even tell her, "Siri, remind me to call X when I get back home."
And once you arrive home, she will detect and automatically say "Call X. Do you want me to call X?" And have X on the speed dial. And you just say "Yes." and she will dial for you!

Also, you can ask, "Hey, do I need an umbrella today?" -__-
And she will check the weather and give you weather update if it's going to rain or not.


Oh well, they sold out the 16GB & and had only 32GB in Black.
So I ended up with 64 GB in White. (Because I like White iPhone) -__-
(Now I feel a little menyesal because really do I need 64GB, but whatever nasi dah jadi bubur, this is all Siri's fault.)
But to justify, the 64GB was only 400 USD! *comfort kan diri sendiri*

I always fall for things like this.
Ha ha ha

Anyway I decided to call her Suri instead of Siri.
Because Siri sounds like nombor siri (serial number).

And Suri is like more stylish like Katie Holmes' daughter.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


If you ask my BFF (Myra) to describe me, she will usually say "LUCKY."

I will laugh whenever I hear this, because I don't really believe anyone is 'always' lucky.

You are just sometimes lucky - which is nasib or rezeki.
But to be described as "LUCKY" is a completely different level, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, let me take you back to 1 week before this.
I was contemplating with myself whether I should (or not) get the house #2. Shell gave me budget of 1500 USD / per month for a home, and the house #2 that I loved was 1700 USD / per month. Meaning, if I decided to get that house, I would have to top up 200 USD out of my own pocket.

I did my calculation of potential expenses, and I thought, what the hell, it's just 200 USD, and the house is pretty awesome (isn't it? He he he) and I would be really happy there. I told myself I would just have to cut on my food, maybe eat more at home (learn to cook, Ha ha ha) since I have such an amazing home?

So yeah, I took that house and decided to absorb that additional 200 USD / per month.

And tonight, my 3rd night at my new home, I just realized that my unit was able to get the Clubhouse's free Wifi.

The Wifi was supposed to be available at the Swimming pool and the Business Centre, and amazingly enough, my unit is right in the middle of the two - meaning I am able to connect to the Internet FOR FREE!!

Tempias dapat FREE WIFI OK!

Ya Allah, untung nya!!!!! (Alhamdulilah)
And untung tak payah bayar Internet which is 150 USD per month!!!!

I actually got a hell of a deal, a great unit with FREE internet?

I guess best friends really do know best!

*** Iklan: One of my favorite pictures of Myra & I during our Graduation. I still can't believe we not only graduated TOGETHER, but sat next to each other during convocation as we went up the stage. I love this picture because Ibu (Myra's mom) was adjusting my hair, and Myra was just smiling at me and Bapa (Myra's dad) was like "Apa-apa lah korang."


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Power, Metals, Engineering & You

My head is about to explode.

I have been reading (and studying) non-stop about things I really don't care about, and my eyes are starting to twitch.

(I now read with only 1 eye open)


I wish I was reading THAT.

Tapi tidak.

Wow, menariknya. *twitch* twitch* twitch *

But really, kalau hidup ini, semua benda yang kita mahu kita terus dapat, where is the excitement, right? *twitch* twitch *

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home is where the heart is


Memandangkan kaum keluarga dan rakan-rakan tidak habis-habis bertanya akan status rumah saya, maka saya akan kongsi di sini sahaja. Tak larat lah nak BBM sorang-sorang update tentang rumah.

Oh ya. Saya sudah memilih rumah.
And no, it's not the house I showed in my earlier entry.

IT IS BETTER :) *ahaks*

Welcome, to my new home :)

As you can see, the swimming pool is not as 'grand' as the earlier house, but the location is AMAZING. It is located in Rice Village, the area I LOVE THE MOST in Houston.

And it is ONLY 10 MINUTES drive from work. Nice :)

Also, it is HUGE. The earlier unit was only 900 square feet. This is 1200 square feet. It's a 2 bedroom apartment, and yes, I can have guests anytime!

As you enter my home, there's a coat/shoe room. It's so cute.

The living room. I love it that it has so many windows ;)

The kitchen. Soon a "MasterChef" will be born here (Me) LOL.

Utility room

Guest bedroom

Guest Walk-in closet

Guest toilet

And.. Tadaaa... My room..
As you enter, do you see that 2 doors?
On the left and the right?
Teka pintu apa?
Teka la? :) :) :)

Yesss!! 2 rooms of Walk-in Closet yo!!!
I am so happy Hihihi.

My room

My toilet

Well, as you can see, my unit is not furnished.
And even for a non furnished it is 1700 USD per month can you believe it? *die*
Nasib baik Shell bayar, kalau tak, I think I will end up just staying at my room at my office.

Can't wait for my furniture to arrive!

Til then,

I will leave you with the view from my balcony ;)

Of course I got the pool side view ;)


Thursday, October 13, 2011



I am so over the stupid Gossip Girl annoying Chuck Bass didn't end up with Blair phase.
Some things are just not meant to be.

Sometimes you just forget about it, and move on.
And right now, I'm switching to Grey's Anatomy.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

XOXO, Gossip Girl

"There is a difference between a great love, and a right love." - Chuck Bass

I just watched Gossip Girl (latest Season) so, excuse me as I am VERY bitter about the storyline. If you have YET to watch them, and do NOT want movie spoilers, please do not continue to read my frustration.

I've been told before, between chosing someone:-
A) that makes you crazy happy, head over heels but your life and love would be so filled with drama you could die
or someone
B) that does not give you headache, a very realistic, simple and carefree relationship but does not give you as much butterflies as he or she should:-

The rationale given? Marriage is JUST the beginning of a journey.
Terlalu banyak cabaran yang harus di lalui (cheh tiba-tiba tukar cakap Bahasa Melayu), maka, kita harus bersama seseorang yang menyenangkan kita, bukan seseorang yang membuah kita tidak tentu arah dengan ketidaktenteraman jiwa.
Apabila kita bersama seseorang yang menenangkan, maka kita boleh lebih fokus membina masjid, rather than just be sucked into all the dramas because you are so connected to each other.

Honestly, I beg to differ.
Deep down, really really deep down, I rather be with someone that drives me crazy rather than someone that is 'simple' (menyenangkan); but hey, that's just my inner thoughts talking.
(Okay we can really drill down the topic, but really, this is just based from Gossip Girl storyline)

Anyway, you might agree or disagree.

What I am trying to say is (here comes the spoiler) I don't understand how Blair can end up marrying someone else besides Chuck?
It is ridiculous and makes no absolute sense.
It is Chuck and Blair, for God's sake.

And quite honestly, if Blair really ends up marrying this Louis (the 'right' love, Mr Prince charming) I would have really wasted 3 years of my life watching Gossip Girl.

Okay so fine, Louis is perfect, and he makes Blair happy, but she obviously can never let go of what she have with Chuck.
I mean COME ON!!
(Really I don't care how they twist the story line, Gossip Girl is about Chuck and Blair! This is like watching the ending of Friends but Rachel ended up marrying someone else -_-)

Come on Chuck, I am rooting for you.

You and Blair are made for each other, and no matter how crazy things get, I know both of you will never stop loving each other.
It's just too much history.

I know you are not reading this, Chuck Bass, but somehow I think you are, so yes, I am rooting for you. I believe in great love.

Don't give me a shitty ending.
Don't let her marry someone else.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Wrote This For You #13

If you think I can tell you what's going on inside my heart,
You know even less about it than you think.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Box of Notes.

Ola, everyone!
(Orang Mexican dekat sini cakap Spanish macam ni lah. Ola, ola. Che.wah.)

I had a lovely Saturday reading the Box of Notes my girlfriends made me.

I feel so loved; that they actually took the time to make me these personalized cards as my farewell gift.
You guys are amazing.

And you would think the notes from them would be "COME BACK HOME, AZIATI.." or "I WILL MISS YOUUUU AZIATI" or "NO, DON'T GOOOOO AZIATI.."

Hahahaha BUT NOOOO...

It is actually opposite of that. -___- (I feel so loved)

I think what they did is to recall back all my memories with them, and just write down randomly what crossed their mind when they think of me.

Some of the notes were so random, I was laughing my eyes out I tell you.

First note I read was from Shoanne.

"Neerjang Lama?" Hahahahaha!! OMG. That's my Lecturer, BTW. Sir, if you are reading this, do know that Shuana Aris wrote this, not me. LOL!

And, Junior Marketing? Ha ha ha! I don't even remember who she was talking about. .

Damn! Those campus days. Long gone. (Betul ke?)
I'm all behaved now -___- (Betul.)

The second note was from Asma.

I got to know Asma when we were in University (all the other girls; we've known each other since primary & high school) and from the moment we first met, I guess we just clicked. She is very quiet (just like me ha ha ha) and she is one of the nicest person I ever known. She is always so helpful and is always ready to lend you a helping hand whenever, wherever ;)

The third note I read was from Diyana (or I like to call her Dee). Come to think of it, I never asked her if she even likes me calling her Dee. LOL.

I am her home ;) Aww this is so sweet. I think I've known Dee the longest. Since we were Standard 4. The thing I remember the most about her is how she made me hated boys when I was in Primary School. Ha ha ha. (Girls Rule, Boys Suck; yes, something like that) Ha ha ha. Those were the days. And when she gave me this note, she keeps telling me that her note is ugly, but to me, it is perfect ;)

The fourth note I read was from Dzue. (Okay Dzue, you obviously won the "Most Creative" and "Paling Cantik" award) He he he.

And yes, I will kick ass here. And NO, I will try my level best NOT to pull at Britney Spears over here and come back bald! Hahahahaha. Isn't she hilarious? That's Dzue. Always cheerful and funny. Keeps all of us entertained.

The fifth note I read was from Dila.

"Aziati with baju seksi" and "Adilah with baju kurung." HAHAHAHAHAHA WHATEVER. Dila is the owner of Poya boutique and yes she designs the baju kurungs herself. I am so proud of her. We have so many things in common. In fact, what I find so fascinating about our relationship is that whatever that will happen to me; will happen to her (sooner or later) and whatever that happens to her will happen to me (sooner or later!) Like there was this one time she broke up with her boyfriend. And next thing I know I broke up with mine too. And then I found someone new. Then she did too! I got promoted. She got a new boutique! So sama, I tell you.

And the final note, was of course, from Myra ;)
She is someone I would call, my other half :) We were roommates back in University, and, fate has it, for graduation, we were seated NEXT TO EACH OTHER and my name was called after her name! (And you can see a glimpse of me in her graduation photo - because I was queuing up for my turn HA HA HA, NICE.)

I remember when I was leaving she keeps calling me and asking me what I want to bring to US and I said nothing "Nothing." "Nothing." But she insists on something so I told her give me 2 years supply of Kicap (Cap Kipas, kegemaran. Warna Merah). Dah mintak, taknak bagi pulak. Chis. Dah lah dekat sini takde kicap tu. Ha ha ha!

Rasanya part ini paling kelakar. I was reading this note on Saturday night. On Saturday evening the whole day I was out shopping because I felt 'empty' dan bukankah shopping itu menenangkan fikiran? And she READS ME LIKE A BOOK! Ha ha ha. Macam tahu-tahu je.

And when I landed US, she gave me a text message telling me NOT TO UNPACK my things YET because if I don't like it, I can just catch the next flight home and forget all about USA. Hi hi.

And of course, she got me a friendship band, (the other half is with her he he) and I was like WTF is that cotton bud doing in here so EEWWWW but she said it's something like Friends like when Rachel left for Paris (last episode) and Phoebe gave her cotton bud. Hmm. Weird. Ha ha ha!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Where Do You Live?

I have to decide where I want to live by 10th October 2011
Currently I am staying at The Galleria area, in an apartment called The Montierra.

It's this serviced apartment located RIGHT IN FRONT of The Galleria mall.
(Itu simbol 'rambang mata', btw LOL)

The Galleria mall is like KLCC or Pavillion (if you were to compare to Malaysia) and living at the Montierra is like living at Binjai KLCC, if you know what I mean ;)

The location is amazing, but somehow I don't really like it's finishing and the total ambiance of the apartment. It doesn't feel cozy enough.
It doesn't feel like home. CHEHCHEHCHEH.

So then, it began, the search for the 'Ultimate Apartment.'
Mind you, I am VERY VERY fussy, and this whole exercise was really stressful, even more stressful than starting a new role in the US itself (Ha ha ha No Boss, I am kidding -___-)

Everything needed to be perfect.

There was this place which had the right space, but not the right appliances.
Another, I hated the fridge, it was like from the 80s. No ice maker.
Another, I hated the flooring.
And there was another, the room was too small. Toilet not nice. No bath tub. Ceiling too low. No dishwasher. Swimming pool not nice. No gym. Ugly finishing.
And the list GOES ON AND ON.

Until, I found this place..........

Yes, this is an apartment, not Sunway Lagoon.
The buildings around the pool are the units ;)
It is a very exclusive community with only 180 units and it is AMAZING!!

The finishings are GREAT! They have wood flooring with carpeted floorings for the bedrooms. And the kitchen uses Granite marbles.

They have Zumba & Yoga lessons for FREE every week, with 2 floor GYM (just like fitness centre!)

And the most amazing thing of it all? THIS IS THE VIEW FROM MY BALCONY!!!!!! (Kalau confirm pindah sini lah LOLOL)

Isn't she just perfect?

A335 My Girls, My Sisters.

Before I left for States, my A335 BFFs threw me a farewell party.

We are called A335 not because we are some top secret society, it was simply our house number back when we were in University. LOL.

And YES, we stopped giving us 'group names' once we graduated with high school.

I think "Hustler" & "Vogue" and "112" was enough.

(Maybe one day I will write about all of the groups.. and it's history. It's hilarious)

Imagine why on earth would we want to be called as Hustlers? Helloo?

Okay, lari topic.

Back to A335.

They took me to one of my favorite spots, Wondermilk Citta Mall.

(Oh, I miss you Sloppy Joes yang halal - Lari topic, lagi)

Perkara yang paling menarik apabila sampai di sana was how they continued writing and doing whatever they were doing (they were all making me a card, by the way), as if I was not there, and they were writing and decorating and drawing HA HA HA -__-

For example:-

It was great to meet everyone, it has been such a long time that we actually sat and talk like this.

It felt intimate.

It felt good :)

We've been friends ever since I can ever remember.

I am truly blessed that even after all these years,

we are STILL best friends,

and I hope we will forever be best friends despite the busy schedule and the distance.


Note: They gave me a box of notes. I promised them I will read it when I am in US. I have been saving the right moment to read it :) I will be reading it... now ;) Goodbye. XOXO

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today is a very special day, isn't it?

Isn't it?
Isn't it?