Monday, October 24, 2011

iPhone 4S

I was quite excited coming to US - to get the new iPhone 5.
But they decided to launch iPhone 4S instead.

I thought, what a joke -_-

Anyway, I still had to get a new line for my new role, and here in the US - all the lines come with a phone.
So of course I went to Apple.

Then John (the Salesman) told me about Siri (The Personal Assistant) for iPhone 4GS - a new feature they have.
It's super cool, she talks to you, tells you stuff...
Anything you want to know, you ask her, and she will tell you!

You can even tell her, "Siri, remind me to call X when I get back home."
And once you arrive home, she will detect and automatically say "Call X. Do you want me to call X?" And have X on the speed dial. And you just say "Yes." and she will dial for you!

Also, you can ask, "Hey, do I need an umbrella today?" -__-
And she will check the weather and give you weather update if it's going to rain or not.


Oh well, they sold out the 16GB & and had only 32GB in Black.
So I ended up with 64 GB in White. (Because I like White iPhone) -__-
(Now I feel a little menyesal because really do I need 64GB, but whatever nasi dah jadi bubur, this is all Siri's fault.)
But to justify, the 64GB was only 400 USD! *comfort kan diri sendiri*

I always fall for things like this.
Ha ha ha

Anyway I decided to call her Suri instead of Siri.
Because Siri sounds like nombor siri (serial number).

And Suri is like more stylish like Katie Holmes' daughter.

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Xul said...

Suri.... Hani. Li Li Lisa SuriHani.