Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Box of Notes.

Ola, everyone!
(Orang Mexican dekat sini cakap Spanish macam ni lah. Ola, ola. Che.wah.)

I had a lovely Saturday reading the Box of Notes my girlfriends made me.

I feel so loved; that they actually took the time to make me these personalized cards as my farewell gift.
You guys are amazing.

And you would think the notes from them would be "COME BACK HOME, AZIATI.." or "I WILL MISS YOUUUU AZIATI" or "NO, DON'T GOOOOO AZIATI.."

Hahahaha BUT NOOOO...

It is actually opposite of that. -___- (I feel so loved)

I think what they did is to recall back all my memories with them, and just write down randomly what crossed their mind when they think of me.

Some of the notes were so random, I was laughing my eyes out I tell you.

First note I read was from Shoanne.

"Neerjang Lama?" Hahahahaha!! OMG. That's my Lecturer, BTW. Sir, if you are reading this, do know that Shuana Aris wrote this, not me. LOL!

And, Junior Marketing? Ha ha ha! I don't even remember who she was talking about. .

Damn! Those campus days. Long gone. (Betul ke?)
I'm all behaved now -___- (Betul.)

The second note was from Asma.

I got to know Asma when we were in University (all the other girls; we've known each other since primary & high school) and from the moment we first met, I guess we just clicked. She is very quiet (just like me ha ha ha) and she is one of the nicest person I ever known. She is always so helpful and is always ready to lend you a helping hand whenever, wherever ;)

The third note I read was from Diyana (or I like to call her Dee). Come to think of it, I never asked her if she even likes me calling her Dee. LOL.

I am her home ;) Aww this is so sweet. I think I've known Dee the longest. Since we were Standard 4. The thing I remember the most about her is how she made me hated boys when I was in Primary School. Ha ha ha. (Girls Rule, Boys Suck; yes, something like that) Ha ha ha. Those were the days. And when she gave me this note, she keeps telling me that her note is ugly, but to me, it is perfect ;)

The fourth note I read was from Dzue. (Okay Dzue, you obviously won the "Most Creative" and "Paling Cantik" award) He he he.

And yes, I will kick ass here. And NO, I will try my level best NOT to pull at Britney Spears over here and come back bald! Hahahahaha. Isn't she hilarious? That's Dzue. Always cheerful and funny. Keeps all of us entertained.

The fifth note I read was from Dila.

"Aziati with baju seksi" and "Adilah with baju kurung." HAHAHAHAHAHA WHATEVER. Dila is the owner of Poya boutique and yes she designs the baju kurungs herself. I am so proud of her. We have so many things in common. In fact, what I find so fascinating about our relationship is that whatever that will happen to me; will happen to her (sooner or later) and whatever that happens to her will happen to me (sooner or later!) Like there was this one time she broke up with her boyfriend. And next thing I know I broke up with mine too. And then I found someone new. Then she did too! I got promoted. She got a new boutique! So sama, I tell you.

And the final note, was of course, from Myra ;)
She is someone I would call, my other half :) We were roommates back in University, and, fate has it, for graduation, we were seated NEXT TO EACH OTHER and my name was called after her name! (And you can see a glimpse of me in her graduation photo - because I was queuing up for my turn HA HA HA, NICE.)

I remember when I was leaving she keeps calling me and asking me what I want to bring to US and I said nothing "Nothing." "Nothing." But she insists on something so I told her give me 2 years supply of Kicap (Cap Kipas, kegemaran. Warna Merah). Dah mintak, taknak bagi pulak. Chis. Dah lah dekat sini takde kicap tu. Ha ha ha!

Rasanya part ini paling kelakar. I was reading this note on Saturday night. On Saturday evening the whole day I was out shopping because I felt 'empty' dan bukankah shopping itu menenangkan fikiran? And she READS ME LIKE A BOOK! Ha ha ha. Macam tahu-tahu je.

And when I landed US, she gave me a text message telling me NOT TO UNPACK my things YET because if I don't like it, I can just catch the next flight home and forget all about USA. Hi hi.

And of course, she got me a friendship band, (the other half is with her he he) and I was like WTF is that cotton bud doing in here so EEWWWW but she said it's something like Friends like when Rachel left for Paris (last episode) and Phoebe gave her cotton bud. Hmm. Weird. Ha ha ha!



Dina said...

what IS the cotton swab for??
Myra.. u've got some 'splainin to do!

Dzue so funnyy laa, and Dylla too!
your notes made my Thursday morning! :D

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Ha ha ha you gotta ask her bout that LOL