Monday, October 3, 2011

A335 My Girls, My Sisters.

Before I left for States, my A335 BFFs threw me a farewell party.

We are called A335 not because we are some top secret society, it was simply our house number back when we were in University. LOL.

And YES, we stopped giving us 'group names' once we graduated with high school.

I think "Hustler" & "Vogue" and "112" was enough.

(Maybe one day I will write about all of the groups.. and it's history. It's hilarious)

Imagine why on earth would we want to be called as Hustlers? Helloo?

Okay, lari topic.

Back to A335.

They took me to one of my favorite spots, Wondermilk Citta Mall.

(Oh, I miss you Sloppy Joes yang halal - Lari topic, lagi)

Perkara yang paling menarik apabila sampai di sana was how they continued writing and doing whatever they were doing (they were all making me a card, by the way), as if I was not there, and they were writing and decorating and drawing HA HA HA -__-

For example:-

It was great to meet everyone, it has been such a long time that we actually sat and talk like this.

It felt intimate.

It felt good :)

We've been friends ever since I can ever remember.

I am truly blessed that even after all these years,

we are STILL best friends,

and I hope we will forever be best friends despite the busy schedule and the distance.


Note: They gave me a box of notes. I promised them I will read it when I am in US. I have been saving the right moment to read it :) I will be reading it... now ;) Goodbye. XOXO

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