Wednesday, October 19, 2011


If you ask my BFF (Myra) to describe me, she will usually say "LUCKY."

I will laugh whenever I hear this, because I don't really believe anyone is 'always' lucky.

You are just sometimes lucky - which is nasib or rezeki.
But to be described as "LUCKY" is a completely different level, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, let me take you back to 1 week before this.
I was contemplating with myself whether I should (or not) get the house #2. Shell gave me budget of 1500 USD / per month for a home, and the house #2 that I loved was 1700 USD / per month. Meaning, if I decided to get that house, I would have to top up 200 USD out of my own pocket.

I did my calculation of potential expenses, and I thought, what the hell, it's just 200 USD, and the house is pretty awesome (isn't it? He he he) and I would be really happy there. I told myself I would just have to cut on my food, maybe eat more at home (learn to cook, Ha ha ha) since I have such an amazing home?

So yeah, I took that house and decided to absorb that additional 200 USD / per month.

And tonight, my 3rd night at my new home, I just realized that my unit was able to get the Clubhouse's free Wifi.

The Wifi was supposed to be available at the Swimming pool and the Business Centre, and amazingly enough, my unit is right in the middle of the two - meaning I am able to connect to the Internet FOR FREE!!

Tempias dapat FREE WIFI OK!

Ya Allah, untung nya!!!!! (Alhamdulilah)
And untung tak payah bayar Internet which is 150 USD per month!!!!

I actually got a hell of a deal, a great unit with FREE internet?

I guess best friends really do know best!

*** Iklan: One of my favorite pictures of Myra & I during our Graduation. I still can't believe we not only graduated TOGETHER, but sat next to each other during convocation as we went up the stage. I love this picture because Ibu (Myra's mom) was adjusting my hair, and Myra was just smiling at me and Bapa (Myra's dad) was like "Apa-apa lah korang."



myra said...

You so LUCKY lidat!!!

I want to say I told ya!!. but tak nak riak. Prof Muhaya(my new idol) "ini system capitalist" "apa yang kita nak untuk diri kita untuk orang lain"

tunggu post i, i want to write sthg bout u.

waNny said...

seriously LUCKY.

Aziati Wan Haron said...

I'm lucky to have friends like you guys :)))

Dina said...

i love the photo too! :D
so sweeett! and the caption is hilarious part Myra's dad. LOL

so effectively you're only paying additional RM50 for this awesome unit la eh?
lucky u r!
i'm guessing a unit that costs USD1,500 wouldn't have free internet as well?