Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh Malacca Baby!

So we received a wedding invitation by Cikong...
OMG Cikong is getting married!
(Boys, I will not write in detail the 'actual' conversation. Hahahaha)

Location: Aza's House

Reason: Waiting for Fuzz Fuzz texted me at 11am, "I tengah panas engine, then OTW"

But he arrived Aza's place at 12.30noon
(despite the fact that he stays only in Shah Alam)
We all made a conclusion that he came from Malacca,
sebab tu it took him 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive Aza's place.
Carry on...
We're ready to go!
Siap ada 'bekal' lagi.
Hahahaha WTF
Yessss... I see Melaka!

"We finally made it!"
Mike, I don't know why you gave me that serious look.
And Aza. *ahaks*

Chewah. Cikong atau nama sebenar, Azri.
Siap ada banner seh.

We were all so hungry.
Sampai-sampai terus dapat duduk VIP Table.
Happy gitu.
Hasil artwork Faliq Ekzoz, begitu creative.

Kena marah dengan Mike pasal pijak kasut baru putih.

Sorry la Mike -_-

The Pengantin


The Boys. All grown up but not so grown up. LOL

Time to Jalan-jalan Melaka!

Tengah jalan-jalan, sekali jumpa Cendol tepi jalan atas Kubur Cina.

Takkan la nak miss peluang makan cendol atas Kubur Cina.

Yummy! Habis semua! Thanks Kandar coz belanja! :)

A Famosa Time.. Mike so excited -_-

"Aza, you hulur cinta you pada I."
Hahahaha dah macam nak buat videoclip

Handphone Faliq layak mendapat ruang di A-Famosa bersama barang-barang antik lain.

Aza and Po.
Aww so sweet -_-

Dah habis makan cendol,
Dah habis jalan-jalan A-Famosa,
Singgah di Shell untuk refuel minyak, kerana minyak Shell terbaik.
(Hahahaha sempat lagi promosi Shell)

Okay, excuse what they're doing.
I don't know these boys.
Hahahaha -_-

Dinner time! Seafood Yum

The dinner cost us ONLY RM130!
Can you believe it?
Ikan, sotong, kerang, sayur, nasi lemak, air berapa jug,
RM130 for 11 of us!
*thumbs up*

Now it's late.. Dah pukul 10 malam, masa untuk pulang
I was happily sleeping in the car, when suddenly I was woken up because of the speed.
"Hoi, drive laju laju ni apsal?" I asked Harry.
"Game best, England vs Germany. Nak tengok."
I was like, Hmmm WTF sekarang baru nak tengok.
FYI we decided NOT TO WATCH the game when we decided to eat dinner @ Melaka,
but suddenly Faliq was surfing the net and found out the game was a good one, so they thought they could actually TRY TO catch the match at home.
Hahaha, no way.
Mana tak terkejut,
I woke up, and saw Harry was driving like this:-
Boleh ke dua-dua kaki dekat atas seat?
Ada ke orang memandu macam ni??
And, when I asked Faliq to wear seatbelt,
This is what I got, behind.
Budak saiko di belakang.
I got back home safely, FYI.
Much love.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fitting In

Despite my 2010 goal to lose weight, I actually gained weight.

I can't fit in 'nicely' to ANY OF MY WORKING PANTS.
But I've been telling myself for the past 2 months that:-
1) It's probably the material - shrink
2) It's probably water in my body
3) I'll lose weight and can actually fit into them again

So each day before I go to work, (or the night before)
I will keep on trying those pants, and to much disappointment,
(Haha dah tahu gemuk lagi nak terkejut kecewa.. LOL)
every night,
I obviously still can't fit into any of them.
Then I'll whine.

2 Months, and

I just decided to:-

*waves goodbye*
I will no longer try to fit into you.

Since my way forward was no longer to
A) lose weight and try to fit into the pants,
obviously I had to move to plan B, which is much simpler
B) Just buy new pants that can actually fit me
Hahahaha LOL "Big Results FAST" - as quoted by Idris Jala (I love you)

Cheh cheh cheh..
Fitting time..
You know I'm trying on size XS and this is how it looked on me,
It made my day, really.
Hahahaha padahal seluar itu memang oversized fashion,
but so what,
I still feel 'small' and XS as compared to reality.

And tadAaaa***
I now have working pants that I can actually wear!!!!!

Saje je nak tunjuk bahawa masih muat size XS.
Hahahahaha WTF
(Zara is prolly d ONLY brand I can wear XS FYI)
*** so happy ***

And oh, also bought me 2 amazing books.
You guys should really read it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gold Snake

I have a new fixation.

Question for you: Guess who is in that BBM screen? ;)

And this..
After searching high and low,
Snake bracelet!
Isn't it the cutest?

And of course, some Ops-do-I really-need-them? things I got,
Ha ha what an awesome manicure huh.
Good night :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day, I went out to get Dad his Father's Day present.
(with The Family, everyone, except Abg Feizal who is in Belgium to play football. Sigh! So unfair, but that's besides the point. Abg Feizal if you are reading this, please bring me back something)
A very happy man, indeed!

Then I got him custom made Happy Father's Day cupcakes.
See the cartoon?
That's Dad, dengan misai kumis & specs.
Aww so cute.
And if you're wondering why there's cartoons of cars in the cupcakes..
Ahem, that's my secret message to Dad.. Hahahahaha

Look at Aliff, I don't know why he's so grumpy.
Ha ha.
And, ready....
Look at Baby Elena...
(Notice how fascinated she is with the cupcakes?
Mulut pun sampai terbuka. Tangan dah standby grab the box..)
And Tadaaaa!!!
Elena's artwork.
(Hancur cupcakes tu :( .. Haha )
After lunch, we had lots of snacking.
And yet I often wonder why I can't fit into any of my working pants.
Getting bored and tired.
Babysitting Aliff while everyone else disappears.
I bought board games.
Ha ha.
For old times sake.
Kak Ija saw these 2 T-Shirts, and said, "This is so you."
I just had to get them, LOL
Family is XOXO, Family is LOVE.
Family is everything.

Happy Father's Dad.
My Father, My hero.
*thumbs up*