Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shell VPower-97

Aku selalu dengar orang merungut tidak suka akan kerja mereka.
Aku, tidak.
I honestly love my job.
(Dear Boss, are you reading this? Ha ha ha)

Okay, let us put aside the fact, that come on, everyone gets lazy every once in a while.
I am lazy.
Always was.
Always will.

But it does not mean I hate my job.
I love what I do.

Like today, I get to launch Shell's latest fuel.
It's called V-Power 97.
You know, V-Power Racing, the fuel that Ferrari uses?
V-Power Racing Fuel will cost you RM2.43 per litre, but it is made with higher RON.

So now, we have this V-Power 97, which means, it's V-Power Technology, which means, it has Friction Modification Technology, that will clean your engine, and lubricates the part in your engine that normal lubricant can't, and in result, will gives you better performance and fuel economy.
Well, that's the layman's term.
And it is priced at Ron 97, which means it's only RM2.05! What?? What a deal! So why fuel up at any other Oil Co? Shell gives you V-Power at RM2.05!
If you want the technical details of it, do visit any Shell sites, we have brochures for you to read.

Anyway, as a Territory Manager, I woke up to 15th June feeling all hyped up and texted everyone,
"Hey everyone, Today's VP-97 official launch! Let's do this!"

That morning, I started by journey by visiting one of my cashiers in one of the Shell sites under me.
FYI, He requested 'One on One' photo kerana mahu hantar balik Bangladesh :)

Then of course, I just had to promote VP-97 outside!
Yes, everyone.. Fill up full tank and get a free limited edition Fan.
Ha ha. I got mine.
Have you gotten yours? :)

Then I continued my journey by visiting as many Shell sites as I can, to make sure all the balloons I arranged for earlier is nicely installed and decorated, and all the site staff are hyped up to promote the new VP-97!

Sometimes I think I'm way more excited than they are.
He he he

And after my morning visits, of course, time for the official launch!
It was held at Sunway Hotel.
We invited 150 out of 900+ Shell Retailers, Shell Staff, Police, Media, Ministry, etc.

I just couldnt' resist taking photo in this car.
Sorry everyone cemburu lihat I can fit into that thing.
Ha ha -_-

Photo with some of my Retailers
Yes I have hot Retailers! :)

My teammate. That's NN beside me! XOXO

H and I

The rest of my team :)

So yeah, as you can see, I had an awesome day launching the new fuel, VPower 97.
And even though it's really tiring, I must say I'm really looking forward to keep growing our volume.

The more volume we get, the more money Shell gets.
The more money Shell gets, the more money I get.
The more money I get, the more I get to save.
The more I get to save, the faster I get to *insert your own*



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