Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Every Handbag has got its Story

After Dad's tremendous effort to transform my room,
I've been given a week's notice to clean up my room.
Clean or, out?

I don't think he'd ever throw me out,
I even requested to stay on my own.
He obviously rejected that application.
I don't think he can live without me.
(Brothers and Sister, if you are reading this, please admit this FACT. Ha ha)

Bilik dah macam pasar borong.

Dear Friends,
if you hear me wanting to buy new handbags,
or see me about to buy a new handbag,
please slap my face and stop me.

Mom asked me to actually give away some of the handbags,
but I... I just couldn't.

H said, "Apa kata you donate dekat orang lain? Mungkin mereka lagi memerlukannya. "

I thought about it for a while, and came to this conclusion.
"A girl should never donate her handbags. Or shoes."
It's like part of their soul.
Ha ha. OK bad.

I donated my clothes instead :)

PS> I managed to clean up and organize the room!


Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant to say, yr really crazy!! hahaha
no girl shd ever donate designer handbag/shoes. hahahahaha what the hell - lisa

Anonymous said...

yr crazy!!!!

Jeremy Chuen said...

I often wonder what is it with girls and bags and shoes.

Anonymous said...

i love u more than ur bags..

Amirah said...

cerita la semua story... taknak cerita sikit sikit jer

Anonymous said...

bestnye jd anak orang kaya