Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day, I went out to get Dad his Father's Day present.
(with The Family, everyone, except Abg Feizal who is in Belgium to play football. Sigh! So unfair, but that's besides the point. Abg Feizal if you are reading this, please bring me back something)
A very happy man, indeed!

Then I got him custom made Happy Father's Day cupcakes.
See the cartoon?
That's Dad, dengan misai kumis & specs.
Aww so cute.
And if you're wondering why there's cartoons of cars in the cupcakes..
Ahem, that's my secret message to Dad.. Hahahahaha

Look at Aliff, I don't know why he's so grumpy.
Ha ha.
And, ready....
Look at Baby Elena...
(Notice how fascinated she is with the cupcakes?
Mulut pun sampai terbuka. Tangan dah standby grab the box..)
And Tadaaaa!!!
Elena's artwork.
(Hancur cupcakes tu :( .. Haha )
After lunch, we had lots of snacking.
And yet I often wonder why I can't fit into any of my working pants.
Getting bored and tired.
Babysitting Aliff while everyone else disappears.
I bought board games.
Ha ha.
For old times sake.
Kak Ija saw these 2 T-Shirts, and said, "This is so you."
I just had to get them, LOL
Family is XOXO, Family is LOVE.
Family is everything.

Happy Father's Dad.
My Father, My hero.
*thumbs up*


Amirah said...

so cute the cupcakes

Anonymous said...

bestnya jd anak org kaya