Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lunch Time

Jom teman I, makan lunch.
Jom, makan lunch sama-sama.

Kerana orang yang sedang lunch bersama saya di realiti ini,
Terlalu sibuk dengan kerja, on the Blackberry all the time.
*Muka emo tak kena layan*
Okay hari ini I makan di kedai yang lampu dia menarik.
Old skool, kan?
Makanan dah sampai.
Ikan Asam Pedas

Telur Goreng Cencaluk.

Mula-mula, macam, "Huh Cencaluk? Are you for real?"
But when I tasted it, sedap!
Ayam masak Baba Nyonya.
OK, I forgot the name.
Jom, jom, jemput makan.
Why do I look high here.
Okay try again.
Baru nampak presentable sikit.
Hahaha WTF
Jom, masa untuk pencuci mulut.
My favorite dessert.
(Iya, cendol, bukan pudding. Ish pudding.)

Banyak masa jugak kan orang yang sibuk dengan Blackberry tu untuk mengambil semua gambar ini.
Gaya dah macam tourist.
Okay perut dah kenyang.
Jom balik.

Sekian sahaja sesi lunch kita

K Bye

Friday, July 30, 2010

Kurus Itu Penyapu

** Malacca trip, after the wedding **

Grapes with caramelized honey yang paling sedap dalam dunia.
Cendol yang paling sedap dalam dunia.
Shredded potatoes yang paling sedap dalam dunia.
"Macamana nak kurus kalau selera makan macam ni?" I asked H.

Dia kata, "Hanya perempuan suka perempuan kurus. Lelaki tak suka perempuan kurus. Kalau peluk, macam peluk penyapu."

Berbekalkan kata-kata H, I stopped asking that question.
Katakan TIDAK kepada penyapu!

The Wedding Blogger

I am safely back home.
Singapore was awesome.

I'll write about that, later.
Now, I want to write about what I did the weekend BEFORE I went to Singapore.

I'm starting to feel like a wedding blogger.
Hahaha WTF.

Okay anyway, Dee's wedding, the other half's side, Boy's, in Malacca.
So off to Malacca again, I went.

Found the place when we saw this banner.
The place is so peaceful.
Cantik, kan?
Masamnya Boy.
He he he
Dee what did you do to him in the car (shifty eyes -_-)
I love Dee's dress.
Yellow Songket with lace.
Very elegant.

Weeeee the ring! The ring!
We really didn't even bother with the Boys.
Too busy taking photos with the Bride.
Kasihan the Groom, kena abandon.
Nasib baik Adri ada to entertain him.
(Look in the photo, Adri busy layan Boy)

Food time!
Look at my food..
Hahaha -_- (shifty eyes)
Makan tak cover. Jauh OK journey!

Myra and I.
My BFF XOXO hugs*

Myra & Adri.
I've known them since I can't remember when.
We've been thru so many things together.
He he he (evil laugh)
Oh yes, they are already married with 1 precious pearl, Lulu.
(whose 2nd birthday is coming, this weekend!)

Okay gambar gedik satu.
Hahaha bye.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPad fever

This is why I was so worried about;
Being ALONE in Singapore with the plastic lifeline (credit card)
with nobody to control me
There's 2 things in this world that can turn me on.
Technology and ahem*
iPad Wifi with 3G 64 GB
(shifty eyes while grinning)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Singapore, Again

I'm going to Singapore, alone, tomorrow.
(My flight is at 8am, so my transport is picking me up at 5am, Can you believe that? Sigh.)

Well, anyway, my (good looking) Boss told me today that I have to work on my 'relationship.'
Thus, tomorrow is the first task.

Cross countries relationship.

I hate travelling alone.
OK you baby, just shut up and go.
K bye.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Durian Party

The Navigator died on me, "Satellite lost connection"
So I BBM Xul, "Directions to FRIM. Urgent."
Punya lah Xul ingat urgent,
terus call dan dengan nada urgency memberi guidance to FRIM.

Thank you, Xul :)
(See I quote your name 3 times here)

OK so this was what was so urgent at FRIM.

Ah, so peaceful
I like.

Begitu urgent, harus sampai sebelum habis!

Yes! Musang King Durian!

Dengan durian pun boleh layan bergambar.
Johan (nama sebenar) jejaka berbaju hitam itu, jual mahal tidak mahu masuk gambar kerana terlalu sibuk bersama handphone.
Boo* (Jerit boo sambil beri thumbs down)

Okay setelah kena Boo*, maka Johan pun join bergambar.
H, apa you buat dengan manggis tu -_- (Kenapa you happy sangat? He he)

Yes, we had Durian Party at FRIM.
And yes, that's my Managing Director beside me, and my Boss beside him.

Any working day, it can't get more any urgent than this.
He he he

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sup Tulang Merah

Budak jakun naik luge.
Budak jakun macam tu la.
Teruja bila pergi negara orang.

Lepas tu, jakun tengok makanan negara orang.

"Fuh" sambil menoleh ke tepi.
Makanan apakah ini?
Tulang, merah dan berlemak.

(PS> Kenalkan itu, Ayu, nama sebenar, teman dari negara orang)
Singapore is just sinful.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mission #20: Spend Time with Anak Yatim

Last weekend, I was invited to be the MC for Subang Jaya Charity Futsal,
organized by Subang Old Boys.
(And me, coming from Subang Jaya = 1 point,
I love Subang Jaya = 2 points,
it's for Charity = 3 points,
there will be anak Yatim!= 4 points,
Azri is one of Subang Old Boys = 5 points..
OK too many points to decline such an invitation, NO?)

In total, we had 24 teams that participated in this Charity Futsal.
Not bad, huh?

The Kids from Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari
Look at them, so macho OK ;)
We even had a clown that day.
A clown whom refused to make me a flower balloon bracelet.
(Clown pilih kasih. Are you reading this?
Some of the Futsal players.
I don't know why I was the over-excited one, running ahead of everyone.
We raised RM2.6k that day, which is cool,
because the crowd/participants were mostly those yang masih belajar atau just started working.
So RM2.6k is awesome.
And it all goes to Anak-anak Yatim.
Double awesome.

I had real fun with the kids.

You know,
our life (my siblings and I) is so easy, so simple,
that sometimes we take for granted the things we have.

Azri thought me one thing when he came back from Ghana,
"To whom much is given, much is expected."
I try my best live by that.

Because God has given so much to me, to us.
Much is expected back from us.
We will not take for granted the things we have, and share as much as we can.
And if we forget, please tap our shoulders and remind us.

We need each other to make the world go round, no?

Subang Old Boys, thumbs up for the great event :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dee's Big Day

I used this photo as my BBM profile pic, and I got many msgs asking if I was engaged.
Peeps, come on.
I obviously will wear a proper engagement dress on my engagement day -_-

Well, that's me, and the MOH (Maid of Honor) Dzue on Dee's Big Day.
I was pretending to be the bride.
Haha WTF right.

Anyway, this is the real bride!
She glows!
Finally married!
The akad nikah went really well.
Despite Boy (the Groom) being so nervous, muka dia merah OK before the lafaz,
But he did it..
Sekali lafaz.
Terus SAH suami isteri.
Congrats Boy!

The Reception was at Merak Kayangan, KL.
The Bride & Groom wore Grey
And we (The Girls) wore Pink.
My BFF Myra, her cute baby Lulu

Dee glows!

You know, when you look at the Bride that day...
Your heart sings with joy.
I feel in love when I see Dee & Boy.
You too will feel the love when you look at them *smiles*
They really make an awesome couple.

Dee, if you are reading this:- I am so happy you are married now. And you married Boy. We went through so many things together, and I'm so happy you are happy. Be a great wife now. We love you :)

Alright, that's me again.

Pretending to be the bride.
With the flowers.
Hahaha WTF
I think I have the wedding fever!