Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mission #20: Spend Time with Anak Yatim

Last weekend, I was invited to be the MC for Subang Jaya Charity Futsal,
organized by Subang Old Boys.
(And me, coming from Subang Jaya = 1 point,
I love Subang Jaya = 2 points,
it's for Charity = 3 points,
there will be anak Yatim!= 4 points,
Azri is one of Subang Old Boys = 5 points..
OK too many points to decline such an invitation, NO?)

In total, we had 24 teams that participated in this Charity Futsal.
Not bad, huh?

The Kids from Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari
Look at them, so macho OK ;)
We even had a clown that day.
A clown whom refused to make me a flower balloon bracelet.
(Clown pilih kasih. Are you reading this?
Some of the Futsal players.
I don't know why I was the over-excited one, running ahead of everyone.
We raised RM2.6k that day, which is cool,
because the crowd/participants were mostly those yang masih belajar atau just started working.
So RM2.6k is awesome.
And it all goes to Anak-anak Yatim.
Double awesome.

I had real fun with the kids.

You know,
our life (my siblings and I) is so easy, so simple,
that sometimes we take for granted the things we have.

Azri thought me one thing when he came back from Ghana,
"To whom much is given, much is expected."
I try my best live by that.

Because God has given so much to me, to us.
Much is expected back from us.
We will not take for granted the things we have, and share as much as we can.
And if we forget, please tap our shoulders and remind us.

We need each other to make the world go round, no?

Subang Old Boys, thumbs up for the great event :)


Anonymous said...

anak orang kaya yang sudi tlg anak yatim spt saya, bagus kak

Jeremy Chuen said...

ur the mc, triple awesome

Speechless said...

lucky kids