Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dee's Big Day

I used this photo as my BBM profile pic, and I got many msgs asking if I was engaged.
Peeps, come on.
I obviously will wear a proper engagement dress on my engagement day -_-

Well, that's me, and the MOH (Maid of Honor) Dzue on Dee's Big Day.
I was pretending to be the bride.
Haha WTF right.

Anyway, this is the real bride!
She glows!
Finally married!
The akad nikah went really well.
Despite Boy (the Groom) being so nervous, muka dia merah OK before the lafaz,
But he did it..
Sekali lafaz.
Terus SAH suami isteri.
Congrats Boy!

The Reception was at Merak Kayangan, KL.
The Bride & Groom wore Grey
And we (The Girls) wore Pink.
My BFF Myra, her cute baby Lulu

Dee glows!

You know, when you look at the Bride that day...
Your heart sings with joy.
I feel in love when I see Dee & Boy.
You too will feel the love when you look at them *smiles*
They really make an awesome couple.

Dee, if you are reading this:- I am so happy you are married now. And you married Boy. We went through so many things together, and I'm so happy you are happy. Be a great wife now. We love you :)

Alright, that's me again.

Pretending to be the bride.
With the flowers.
Hahaha WTF
I think I have the wedding fever!


Amirah said...

you're so pretty

Jeremy Chuen said...

See, I agree wink wink

Faiz Ibrahim said...


jan said...

awat aziati hang dah gatai nak menikah ka?

Jeremy Chuen said...

did i mention that u look damn hot in that dress?

Speechless said...

i love your style