Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home is where the heart is


Memandangkan kaum keluarga dan rakan-rakan tidak habis-habis bertanya akan status rumah saya, maka saya akan kongsi di sini sahaja. Tak larat lah nak BBM sorang-sorang update tentang rumah.

Oh ya. Saya sudah memilih rumah.
And no, it's not the house I showed in my earlier entry.

IT IS BETTER :) *ahaks*

Welcome, to my new home :)

As you can see, the swimming pool is not as 'grand' as the earlier house, but the location is AMAZING. It is located in Rice Village, the area I LOVE THE MOST in Houston.

And it is ONLY 10 MINUTES drive from work. Nice :)

Also, it is HUGE. The earlier unit was only 900 square feet. This is 1200 square feet. It's a 2 bedroom apartment, and yes, I can have guests anytime!

As you enter my home, there's a coat/shoe room. It's so cute.

The living room. I love it that it has so many windows ;)

The kitchen. Soon a "MasterChef" will be born here (Me) LOL.

Utility room

Guest bedroom

Guest Walk-in closet

Guest toilet

And.. Tadaaa... My room..
As you enter, do you see that 2 doors?
On the left and the right?
Teka pintu apa?
Teka la? :) :) :)

Yesss!! 2 rooms of Walk-in Closet yo!!!
I am so happy Hihihi.

My room

My toilet

Well, as you can see, my unit is not furnished.
And even for a non furnished it is 1700 USD per month can you believe it? *die*
Nasib baik Shell bayar, kalau tak, I think I will end up just staying at my room at my office.

Can't wait for my furniture to arrive!

Til then,

I will leave you with the view from my balcony ;)

Of course I got the pool side view ;)



Dark @ng3L said...

hye thr..first time leaving a comment.

dah lame bace..hahahha

the house looks stunning..*jeles

Dina said...

OMG! I don't think i can turn any greener. hahah
geez! that huge house all to yourself? amazeballsss
who was the first person to book a flight to visit you in Houston? Apart from H of course :P
coz i'm sure ada yg tak sabar2 nak pegi melawat u ;)

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Hey dark angel. Thanks! You look familiar.. MMU???

Dina: You and your family should be the first! Hihihiihi

Dark @ng3L said... tak abes. hahahaha..i amik e-commerce


H said...

Where's my closet??? Seems like all yours :'(

myra said...

jealoussssssss in a good way!!! I wanna visit you!!

ehh.. with that house i want to move in! you got two walk-ins kan (blink-blink)

I absoultely love your new pad! showing this to adri!

U so lucky lidat!!!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Dark Angel: I took Marketing :P What's your name? He he you look familiar. Adakah kita pernah sama class? E commerce ada sama class dengan Marketing juga kan?

H: Yours is somewhere in between the store and the utility room. HAHAHAHAAHHAHHA

Mee: He he he guess what WITH THAT AMOUNT of room I still do not have enough space since I 'packed' everything.. menyesal dah skrg. My shipment has yet to arrive... Takut okay once it arrives... I dunno where to put.. HAHAHAHA

Dark @ng3L said...

maybe lah name? Diella Aziz :)