Tuesday, October 11, 2011

XOXO, Gossip Girl

"There is a difference between a great love, and a right love." - Chuck Bass

I just watched Gossip Girl (latest Season) so, excuse me as I am VERY bitter about the storyline. If you have YET to watch them, and do NOT want movie spoilers, please do not continue to read my frustration.

I've been told before, between chosing someone:-
A) that makes you crazy happy, head over heels but your life and love would be so filled with drama you could die
or someone
B) that does not give you headache, a very realistic, simple and carefree relationship but does not give you as much butterflies as he or she should:-

The rationale given? Marriage is JUST the beginning of a journey.
Terlalu banyak cabaran yang harus di lalui (cheh tiba-tiba tukar cakap Bahasa Melayu), maka, kita harus bersama seseorang yang menyenangkan kita, bukan seseorang yang membuah kita tidak tentu arah dengan ketidaktenteraman jiwa.
Apabila kita bersama seseorang yang menenangkan, maka kita boleh lebih fokus membina masjid, rather than just be sucked into all the dramas because you are so connected to each other.

Honestly, I beg to differ.
Deep down, really really deep down, I rather be with someone that drives me crazy rather than someone that is 'simple' (menyenangkan); but hey, that's just my inner thoughts talking.
(Okay we can really drill down the topic, but really, this is just based from Gossip Girl storyline)

Anyway, you might agree or disagree.

What I am trying to say is (here comes the spoiler) I don't understand how Blair can end up marrying someone else besides Chuck?
It is ridiculous and makes no absolute sense.
It is Chuck and Blair, for God's sake.

And quite honestly, if Blair really ends up marrying this Louis (the 'right' love, Mr Prince charming) I would have really wasted 3 years of my life watching Gossip Girl.

Okay so fine, Louis is perfect, and he makes Blair happy, but she obviously can never let go of what she have with Chuck.
I mean COME ON!!
(Really I don't care how they twist the story line, Gossip Girl is about Chuck and Blair! This is like watching the ending of Friends but Rachel ended up marrying someone else -_-)

Come on Chuck, I am rooting for you.

You and Blair are made for each other, and no matter how crazy things get, I know both of you will never stop loving each other.
It's just too much history.

I know you are not reading this, Chuck Bass, but somehow I think you are, so yes, I am rooting for you. I believe in great love.

Don't give me a shitty ending.
Don't let her marry someone else.


Anonymous said...

I truly agree with you. We should marry someone crazy. lagi seronok the relationship would be :D btw, i'm a big fan of gossip girl too. haha, betul la blair and chuck are meant for each other..but Louis is so rich! He's a prince :O why don't you start watching season 5? dah start tau :)

p/s - i'm ur silent reader. baru hari ni terasa nk cakap hello. so HELLO :)

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Louis is too good to be true, it's annoying. Hahaha! Honestly there is nothing wrong with him, and indeed Blair is a better person when she is with him :)
But I just love Chuck. LOL!

And thanks for finally saying hello my silent reader :D