Saturday, June 20, 2009

Club Med

I was out for a late night supper & drive with Almond.

We were driving, sitting and talking in his car when the cops stopped us.

First things first, jika kena tahan dengan polis, silalah keluarkan duit dari wallet kamu awal-awal.
Tinggalkan lebih kurang RM20-50 lah.
Kalau tak, tak pasal-pasal kena 'pau' semua isi kandungan wallet.

Sebaik sahaja Almond took out the cash, sedar-sedar dah terpacak dah 3 orang polis di sekeliling kereta kami.

Initially they were rather rude, asking if we had the license to get the car fully tinted, and who approved the modification, that was there anyone in the back seat, because they couldn't see anything, and why didn't we unlock the car, etc, etc.

Well, they're doing their JOB, and I admit Almond did violate the rule by modifying the car.
Jadi kami standby sahaja apabila kena saman.
It's not the first time, anyway.

Kemudian mereka (Polis), minta IC Almond.
Once they saw his IC, their behavior changed.
Suddenly they were smiling and tepuk bahu Almond, cakap
"Dah lama pakai kereta ini, Almond?"
"Nak pergi mana nie?"
"Tun, sihat?"
They started talking to him like he was their best friends or something.

I find the behavorial change; quite offensive.
Just because there's a connection to a certain someone someone, we can break the rule?

Tiada saman.
Tiada kena pau.
Siap dapat VVIP treatment.

I must say Alhamdulilah tak kena saman, but come on?

Those people with the connections are those who can actually afford to pay the saman, that can actually afford to give bribery, so WHY exclude them?
Not only EXCLUDE them, but why the VVIP treatment?

After the police left, I told Almond, "It's a corrupted, unfair world. You, lucky bugger."
Then I took the cash he hid and threw it out of the window.

"For justice."

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