Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fahrenheit88 Official Opening

That's our new shopping mall, Fahrenheit88.

H said that it's a collaboration between him and Fahrin, thus, it's called Fahrenheit (Fahrin+Hadie= fahrenheit?)

Hahaha OK perlu ke kau tulis di sini, Aziati?

fahrenheit88's Official opening on 23rd November 2010.
Can you see awesome my signature there? :D
*the Blackberry curse*
I can't seem to get my fingers away from my BB for more than 15 mins -___-

Anyway, 23rd Nov also marks the first day of the official day for YEAR END SALE (YES!)

I mean come on, is there any other HAPPIER day than the day where the YEAR END SALE starts?
*dance happily*

I was quite excited to visit this new mall, because it sounds so chic, and plus it's located next to Pavillion, so I was expecting something as good as Pavillion.

But really.

The only 2 things I liked about fahrenheit88 is Sushi Zanmai and Uniqlo.
Well, maybe the shops are not fully opened yet, but I don't know,

I don't like fahrenheit88.


waNny said...

wow. everyday kena queue ke?

H said...

Hmmm..just another gimmick by uniqlo..

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Wanny: Entah. Tak pulak I check everyday. I busy kerja OKAYY. Cheh!

Anonymous said...

u were there for the grand opening? must be fun

Jeremy Chuen said...

i think uniqlo is overrated

Amirah said...

ya uniqlo mahal