Thursday, March 3, 2011

Does Santa shop?

Last weekend, I was so excited to go back home because I was going shopping!
No, not shopping for me (I never shop for me! -__-), but shopping for MY FAMILY.

It's the time of the year where I get my Bonus, and Alhamdulilah,
this year I got more than I deserve.
More than I needed.

So, I decided to buy each of my family members whatever I thought they needed.

After 2 hours of shopping in KLCC, I came back with:-

A bag for Mom because I know she likes that collection :)
A Golf Bag for Dad because his current golf bag is like 7 years old -__-
2 Set of Lingerie and Cash vouchers for Kak Ija because she's sexy like that -__-
A pair of sandals for Abg Fezal because I hate his current favorite sandals -_-
A Parfum for Azri because HE LIKES TO USE Abg Fezal's parfum -_-
A college bag for Azam because his current bag is brown and that's so last season -__-
A Bakugen Battlefield for Aliff because he likes to play on the carpet -__-
and finally,
An elegant dress for Baby Elena because she's so gengster -_-

And for ME?
What did I get for me?
Nothing but CALORIES & FAT
because I ate like 9,999,999 times that day


jan said...

eh what about me?

waNny said...

i thought the gucci is for u :p

myra said...

wahhh.. you are so lucky! have always been and.. how lucky is ur family.. tell them not to tell mine k? coz i never get them anything these days what more with moving to new house and with the arrival of no2 soon.. sgt sengkekk.. only birthdays je.. tu pon ade yg still berhutang..

nway.. i sooooo love ur hair/head band.. its a guitar right? coolness gilos!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Jan: Hehe you MIA

Wanny: Shhhh. I kan dah kena ban dari membeli :P

Myra: Hahaha yup guitar. LOL -_- you nak? I'm going again in 2 weeks, I can buy for you

jan said...

u tak cari i, i MIA lah.

Jeremy Chuen said...

this is nice :)