Monday, March 14, 2011

Gold Chilli, SS15

Jika anda panggil diri anda Budak Subang, anda pasti tahu akan Gold Chilli.
Atau lebih mesra dengan nama "Tom Yam Fried Rice" dengan generasi-generasi veteran SJ.

I remember, when I was back in high school, ini adalah tempat utama remaja-remaja pergi makan tengahari di bulan Puasa -___-
They EVEN HAVE a dedicated 'sila makan tanpa kena kantoi' corner hahaha ingat TAK? -__-
(Disclaimer: I tak pernah pergi sana masa bulan puasa -__- )

Anyway, years and many years later, tukar management but the place is still good.
My personal favorite is obviously the butter prawns/squid/chicken with Tom Yam Fried Rice.
I always order them, but NEVER can finish.
(Orang Tamak Selalu Rugi)

The best butter milk I've tasted my whole life.

Lately, I noticed that this place has become one of the 'happening' places for the younger generations to hang out.

I was having lunch there last weekend with The Boys (cheh, the Boys, blah la korang), and my brother BBM me "Are you at Gold Chilli?"

I said "Yeah, how do you know?"

And his reply, "I know. That's practically MY shop. MY hang out place."

I was like, WTF, your shop, adik? Hahahaha *roll eyes*

I didn't realize Gold Chilli had become so cool that the younger generation (like my brother) would actually claim that shop as THEIRS. LOL

Tak sangka Gold Chilli begitu popular dan tak sangka I am blogging about you today.
(Tapi dia punya butter milk prawn serious sedap)

Note: Adik, jangan makan dekat sini time bulan puasa, nanti kena tangkap.
Sekarang tempat ini sudah tak coverline.
Pergi tapau McDonald's and makan dekat rumah.
EHH wtf.


Mamat Melayu Malay Chap said...

Hey you..

Where is this place anyways, Landmarks?
For subang, will normally go to this chinese/ baba fish curry at SS15. Their fish curry head is to die for!
Damn! i'm hungry!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Do you know Darusalam, SS15? Beside darulsalam :P

Jeremy Chuen said...

I used to loved going there, but when they closed I thought it was closed for good. Now thanks!

Anonymous said...

and the cantonese beef kueh teow...