Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

My best friend, Dylla, stopped celebrating Valentine's Day we were 15.
And my other best friend, Myra, just doesn't like celebrating it.

Well, me, I have always been a sucker for anything and everything romantic.
But 2 years ago, I decided to stop celebrating Valentine's Day too.
(Why? I guess I'm the kind of person who likes to try different things every once in a while -_-)
It was too over-rated anyway.

But this year, I did some soul searching and realize that I still find Valentine's Day romantic.
Hahahaha OKAY so I LOVE Valentine's Day.
Kill me -_-

It's a good day to celebrate your love.
Now don't get me wrong, I think you should cherish your loved ones EVERY second, but this is like taking one special day to REALLY appreciate them.
NOT to do questionable things,
NOT to splurge your money,
But just to celebrate, love.

All I wanted was to go out for a dinner with my loved ones, talk about life, etc.
But I guess, I was not meant to celebrate Valentine's Day -__-

I fell sick today.
Like really, really sick up to a point where I could not even get up.
Up to a point where I matched my shoe with this ugly socks, as I made my way to the Hospital.

Yes, you can tell if the girl's really sick when she starts wearing socks with her Maryjanes because she's too cold/hot from the fever and she doesn't even care if she looks like Michael Jackson.

But as I was whining about my sickness (and the Hospital had THE WORST SERVICE ever) and I miss home and the Hospital I had back home, even though the service was pretty much as crappy, but it wasn't foreign.
It was familiar.
(Okay this is my homesick talking)

Well, like I was saying, as I was whining about my sickness,
a delivery guy came and gave me this :)

Yes, a cute teddy bear with Purple roses :)
And chocolates.

I thought it was pretty awesome that the Delivery guy could find me even when I was at the Hospital doing a check up.

I think it must been something that has got to do with his KPI, that, or it must be something in the 'Note' the sender wrote to him ;)

Whatever it is, it sure made my day and you know what, this is what Valentine's Day is all about, celebrating love, even if it was at the Hospital, even if I felt that I was about to die.

(Okay drama queen, but you get the point :)

PS: Have you celebrated your love? Or are you just going to take it for granted? It's never too late ;)


Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day..

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better.. and i really hope you do come back home, fast.. it's not good to be so far away like this

Jeremy Chuen said...

MJ is coooool okkkayyy!! hahaha i like how you wear your shoes. done right, done right

waNny said...

was hoping to see from who ! hahahahaa. x nampak!