Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Political Crisis


Salah satu perkara aku paling benci buat.
Baca tentang politik.
Atau, ambil tahu tentang politik.

Aku memang anti & pro government, which means I don't care.
I know it's bad, tapi aku memang tidak suka dan tidak mahu ambil kisah tentang situasi politik.

We have BN and PKR to worry about that.
Let them fight, argue & debate.
I don't care.

I live in my bubble.
My happy bubble.

Daddy selalu cakap, kena ambil tahu situasi semasa, kisah-kisah politik terkini, tetapi, I don't really see the benefit out of it.
I'm not going into politics, so really, why do I need to waste my time reading, or knowing about it?
Semangat Satu Malaysia? (And no, knowing politics do make you 1 Malaysia)
I mean, I really rather be spending my time doing, something else.

So, guess what?
The funniest thing happened.
I've been assigned to do some political research - on the ground work, on how the instability of 'some' political party in 'some' state might impact investors in/by the next GE.
Even writing about it; is depressing.

Cliche, no?
I'm so not into politics.


Jeremy Chuen said...

i think u will be a great politician!

H said...

Good luck in your own bubble tomorrow..hehehe

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Jeremy: Hahaha, thanks?

H: HAHAHAHAHAA I survived the BUBBLE. Lucky Boss didn't POP my bubble. I seriously managed to pull it through all because of PAPAYA CLUSTER. Apparently the LRLT members have a thing for PAPAYA CLUSTERS and it saved my whole presentation. HAHAHAHA btw Papaya cluster is in Bidor. hahaha FYI