Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mee Udang Paling Sedap

Hello everyone, greetings from Sg Dua, Penang :)

I was in Alor Setar last week, (for the first time in my life!),
and on my way back Jo brought me to this place called Selera Sri Tambang, where the serve the BEST MEE UDANG, EVER!

I remember when I was small, my family & I used to stop by this place on our way back from KL to Kelantan.
And we would meet up my relatives from Perak & Penang, and from there we would all convoy back to Kelantan.

Before, we had to travel via car because the Family needed the car when we were back in Kelantan (Grandma's place).
But Dad found a better alternative like 10 years ago, when he bought a car and just left it at Grandma's house.

So yeah, no more travelling by car from that day onwards.

Thus, no more of the best Mee Udang of my life.

That's why I didn't miss a chance to eat it again as I was travelling from Kedah.
(The things I'd do for food.. Hi hi hi)

Excuse my face. Baru bangun tidur.
Okay it was a loooonggg journey OKAYYY -_-
And Edi had such a comfortable car with pillows *-*

Tempat makan dia simple je.

Had Air Kelapa, very good for outdoor eatery places.
Very chilling.

Udang yang begitu besar. Nyum!

We ordered 2 types, Mee Goreng & Mee Rebus

My personal favorite is actually Mee Goreng.
Very very tasty.
And... the prawns...... delicious, and FRESH!

Okay hari ini sahaja dah naik 1 kilo.
Bye bye.


Mamat Melayu Malay Chap said...

I totally agree. Tempat tu serves the best mee udang. A personal fav is the mee goreng where you add a bit of the gravy from the mee rebus!! yummy to the tummy!! we make it a point to go there every time we go to penang!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Oh no! If I knew earlier, I would have added a bit of my mee rebus gravy to my mee goreng! Tsk Tsk! Kena pergi makan lagi lah. He he he

Jeremy Chuen said...