Thursday, September 30, 2010

I-City Mall

Hello, everyone.

Eventhough I'm supposed to move to North (alone) in a few days time,
I honestly do not feel anything (numb).

Every once in a while, I'd tell myself that I don't want to move, no need for such career progression, and that I might as well just quit the job.
-____- (this is me giving you a straight face)

But then again, usually, a while after those moments, I'd look myself at the mirror and think, "Why fit in when you're born to stand out?" (And I quote Oprah Winfrey)

Or something like that.
"It's just North for God's sake."

Sometimes in my head, I contradict myself so much.

A part of me want to be this independent over-achieving (chehcheh) corporate woman.
Most part of me, just wants to stay at home and watch TV (and shop).
Or work with Dad (and shop).
Hahahaha -_-

Okay enough about my mental thoughts.
Few days back, H and I, we were lost in Shah Alam, and suddenly found ourselves in the entrance of I-City Mall.

The dude at the Entrance asked us to pay RM5.
I was like, "Ada apa di sini?"
The dude said, "Ada lampu la," while giving me his *duh* face.

I mean, OKAY I know there are lights there, but what else is there?

So, I decided to explore it myself :)

Cantik kan?
What's weird is that, all the while I was there, the only thing that was on my mind was
"I wonder how much is the electricity bill here?"
Like really.

A pink cactus, isn't it fascinating ;)
When I showed these amazing photos of I-City Mall to Azri, he told me that he hardly had the time to go, especially at night, and asked if he could go in the afternoon.
How on earth are you going to see the lights if you go during the noon and the sky is bright, my dear brother? *slaps forehead*

This is the part I can't understand.
This is supposed to be Safari land or something.
Tapi ada dinasour dekat tengah-tengah Safari.
OMG Dinasours are so last season. -___-

BTW if I do a personality test according to what type of bird I am,
I'm a peacock :)


Mya Kamal said...

i havent even go there looks awesome from your pictures.omaigad,i miss you already :(

Jeremy Chuen said...

pretty place pretty girl

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Mya I missssss youuu tooo!!