Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Luck, Me!

As you all know, on Monday last week (4th Oct) I was moving to North.
Many things has happened since then, but I have yet to have the time to write in this blog.

Today, let me start on what happened on the weekend before I was heading to North.

My best friends threw me a surprise "Good Luck" party.
I was so surprised that I cried -__-

They (my best friends) didn't write "Farewell" or "Goodbye" because and I quote them, "Because this isn't a goodbye or a farewell, because you'll be back every weekend. And because, this is your career progression, and we wish you good luck!"

So sweet. *sebak*

I even got cupcakes!

And flowers too!
(I love the flowers, it's so pink and so me, don't you think so? Thank you, H *hugs*)

Photo frame my best friends made for me.
(For me to put up on my wall at my new place in North)
Oh those memories...
There were photos since we were back in school, university days, weddings...
So terharu okay looking at those photos...

(Okay I was wearing Baju Kurung because I didn't know there was a surprise party.. LOL I was from somewhere else.. If I knew, I would have dressed up for a party. Hahaha! Nevertheless, it was such a sweet surprise)

The Committee 'responsible' for the surprise ;)
And H too, for his exceptional performance in acting that day *thumbs up*
I love you guys, thank you so much for this surprise ;))

I honestly didn't feel my move to North was such a big deal to other people.
I mean, I was going to come back every weekends, anyway.

But I was so surprised that my best friends threw me a surprise party.
And most of my friends texted, BBMd, emailed me and wished me good luck and everything.

It was almost like I was moving outside of Malaysia.
Hahaha I know, I know, I'm such a baby -___-
(My sister said, "This is just going to North, imagine once you're moving outside of Malaysia, I wonder what your friends will do" )

And my Retailers at work, almost each one of them threw me a Good luck party, farewell wishes.
(I shall write about that soon)
It's was all so touching.

I'm so lucky to be loved by many.
And I'm blessed to have what I have.


Jeremy Chuen said...

keep us posted about your new place and life :)

Lina Lokman said...

cant wait to read ur updates bout ur life at new place :)

Tie Ta Tod said...

why do u go to the north?
because of work or study?
btw good luck too;)

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Jeremy: Hehehe thanks

Lina: InsyaAllah!

Tie: work! hehe

Anonymous said...

Good Luck A