Thursday, October 14, 2010


It's Thursday and I'm back home.
*dance happily*

I used to have 2 cats.
Paris & Hilton. (click to see them)

And when Paris died, Hilton went missing.

I told myself I didn't want another cat, anymore.

Few days back, H was smoking outside of our training Academy.
He then saw this small, fragile, abandoned cat.
He took the photo of that cat, and he BBM them to me.

One photo, and I was in love.

Hahahahaha! Isn't she the cutest?
Macam Gremlins, kan?
Macam kucing kena rasuk. Hahahaha -_-
I immediately BBM H, and told him to bring her back home.

She's very manja.
Her name's Tweety, BTW.

Out from the cage..

Hmmmmm apa ni...

Warming up... Climbing up..

Buat muka manja.. (geram, kan?)

Budget comel la gigit-gigit macam tu.

Nasib baik pakai seluar jeans -___-

Buruk perangai. Tetidur sampai kena letak tangan sampai barrier, because kalau tak, habis tergolek jatuh ke bawah.

Eee so comel :)

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Jeremy Chuen said...

your cat is so cute..