Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 2 in North

Day 2.

I have my own office room, by the way.
A little sneak peak of how it looks like.
I have yet to brought anything to my office, or decorate it, so I guess this will do.

I bought myself a map of Ipoh & Perak and was busy 'pretending' (in my office room, where other people sometimes pass by to have a sneak at what this 'new' girl is doing) to plot down all the areas I'm covering.

(Hahaha honestly I'm terrible at reading maps!@#)

This finished version looks so, intelligent.

Like I so know all the area, even plotted with thread and pins, just like soldiers going to war, don't you think so?
Tengok la betul-betul, siap ada benang tu plot plot kawasan, tak ke gempak?
Tak ke? (*shifty eyes*)

Okay this is obviously not my work, the map plotting.
It was my predessecor's, I found his map and just decided to use his instead of re-inventing the wheel and plot all over again *duh*

(Yes, and when people pass by my office, I kept pretending to be plotting my own coordinate, when really, what I was really doing inside my room was.....)
Cam-whoring!! (Taking my own photos)
Hahahahah wtf -_-
"Hoi takde kerja ke?"

OK honestly, I was quite occupied today.
Just look at my table.

After work, I wanted to go for a manicure, so I went to Jusco Mall.
It's supposed to be 'the most' happening mall in Ipoh.

And guess what.
Sebesar-besar Jusco Mall, there isn't a SINGLE (not even one) manicure shop in there.

I am now typing this entry with my ugly nails.
Good night.


tieTa iBrahim said...

oowh. u trafer kerja kt ipoh ye?
i br sj grade kt poli ipoh.hehe

Hasz said...

oh, you look cute with that headband :) you look really Blair Waldorf *wewinks* Have fun with your new office! hihi

H said...

hmmm..the diary of wimpy kid..is it a part of your working paper? hahahaah

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Tieta: Owwwh, man! Now dah tak duduk Ipoh? Hehehe congrats on your graduation ;)

Hasz: Hehehehe thanks!

H: Hahahaa something like that. It's like TMDA.

Jeremy Chuen said...

nice office