Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 3 in North

Day 3

Day 3 in North and all I could think about was my ugly nails.
Hahahahahaha -___-

So after work, I decided to go to Ipoh Parade, with hope that they have a manicure place there.
(Since Jusco Mall didn't have one)

This is Ipoh Parade.

It's older than Jusco Mall, and I personally preferred Jusco Mall.

Welcome to the parking.
The parking payment booth is so funny.
Okay no receipt, I get the point. -__-

Note to self: Always have loose coins in your car. Kalau tak, tak dapat masuk Ipoh Parade -_-

I think they recently renovated Ipoh Parade, therefore that's why it looks kinda of new and cool in the picture.
But honestly, it's not.
(That's my personal opinion, others might differ)

I quickly went to the information counter to ask if they have a manicure salon.
She said Yes.

And this is what I found.
*slaps forehead*
Is this even considered as a Manicure Salon??

Where you're supposed to dry your nails -____-

And the most precious of all.......
*slaps forehead*
Siap duduk mencakung macam tu!
Hahahahaha OKAY, bad.
I should not laugh.

But it's so cute and funny, wtf!!!! -____-

Okay, so I didn't go for my manicure there.

I will find me a decent manicure salon.
I believe in Ipoh.
You gotta at least have a decent manicure salon.

Okay, so the only thing I liked about Ipoh Parade is this:-
Starbucks :)

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Jeremy Chuen said...

hahahaha the parking is horrible