Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey, Jakarta!

I was in Jakarta from Thursday until Sunday, for work.
*shifty eyes*

W.O.R.K, hardwork
(But why take photos of work when play is much more fun? *shifty eyes*)

Day 1

Stayed in Rash's Service apartment.
It's a huge apartment located in a GOLF CLUB, where you have a golf course (duh), with 3 swimming pools, tennis courts, badminton court, basketball court, EVERYTHING.
Rash is renting that place for RM10k per month.
Eh, no.
Shell is renting the place for RM10k per month.
Ahh. Lucky Expats!

Went for a fashion show in Senayan City.
It took me 1 hour plus just to travel 10 kilometers.

Dinner at Kemang Food Fest.
The place was, hmm, OKAY.
Didn't really catch my attention.

What really caught my attention is this:-
THIS Blackberry casing.

You think it's a chocolate... but tadaaaa
Nooo It's my Blackberry! -__-
(Okay, lame, I know)

Only for RM12!

Day 2

"Kenapa banyak-banyak tempat menarik di Jakarta, kau mahu upload gambar kau minum Teh Botol di tepi longkang di atas bangku buruk ini, Aziati?"
"Eh tapi tak ke nampak macam betul-betul budak Jakarta, duduk melepak bersahaja begini?"

(I am talking to myself lately, I am that weird now)

The thing I love the most about Day 2.

Corn in cup with Cheese!

OMG Yummy!!!

Went for dinner at Kuningan Village.
Very chic, very elegant, I like!

Day 3

Okay I spend MOST of my time in the car in Jakarta -____-

Everywhere is so jam, or they call it "Macet" here in Jakarta.
Like, really.

To travel from one place to another, few kms, it will take me at least 1 hour.

I'd sit, sleep, wake up, and sleep again, and wake up again, and pretend to be happy, pretend to sing, sleep again,wake up again (yes, you get the point), in the car.

So guess where I ended taking most of my photos from?

I think I annoyed the hell out of the driver with the flashes from my camera -__-