Monday, October 25, 2010

Gunung Lang

Look what I found, less than 5 kilometres from my office
*dance happily*

Gunung Lang!
Jom... pergi tengok -_-

Ada waterfall!
*jakun, jakun*

Okay I uploaded this photo to show you how windy the place is..
Look at my hair -_-

And of course.. there's a boat ride to the island.

RM3 per person for the boat ride.
I was so excited, pakai safety gear and everything.
Tapi, baru je duduk kejap, eh eh dah sampai.
Island tu rupanya 1.5minutes away (by boat) from the port.
1.5 minutes!!!
That's 90 seconds only!!

I've decided... this will be my house in Ipoh -_-
Free of charge, not furnished

Siap boleh melepak-lepak di tangga.
How peaceful, no?
Btw, the island has 3 houses altogether.
A little creepy, if I may add.

Okay this is the place where they shot Sepet.
See, how peaceful..
Can't wait to bring my foldable chair, a glass of Starbucks coffee & a good book and enjoy my evenings here :)