Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 1 in North

Day 1.

Today will be the FIRST time I will be driving myself, alone, to North.
And eventhough I will be in North only until Thursday,
I am still amazed with the size of the bag I brought.

Okay, okay, I know 'some people' might not be surprised,
I never was a light traveller.

All my precious Moleskin notebooks ready for travel.

I actually have 5 notebooks.
1 for my previous role, the black, bottom one.
1 for new role, the red, middle one.
1 small black notebook for my diary, the top one.
1 small red notebook, for my To-Do-List.
(Not in the picture) And 1 pink notebook, for my expenses record.

One would wonder why on earth I have 5 notebooks when I have a Blackberry.
*slaps forehead*

I guess I still prefer writing.
I get this high sensation, when I write in notebooks -___-

Oh ya, and of course, my new book to keep me occupied at the Hotel.

"Diary of a Wimpy kid."

You guys should really read it.
It's really funny.

Few hours of driving, and I'm finally at my Hotel.
(The place I'll be staying for the next few months, until I find my own place)
It has been 3 hours since I checked myself in at the Hotel.

And I'm alone in this room, writing this entry.
I am starting to feel a little depressed
, already.

Maybe it's high time to read that diary
, wimp kid.


NN said...

U can do this babe!

Jeremy Chuen said...

that's a very cute book to read =)
how's north? got a place to stay already?

Aziati Wan Haron said...

NN: Hehehehe yes!

Jeremy: Not yet. By month end. I hope