Saturday, December 24, 2011


Anyway, for Christmas, I thought it would be great if I were to adopt a cat.
I have always love cats, I think they are adorable, lovable and very comforting.

Cameron (my colleague) told my about this adoption centre at Portland, about 20 minutes drive from home.

Every cat has its own adoption kennel card - with their full information.
Type, age, name, DOB, hobbies, etc..
It's adorable!
Like this one, his name is Charlie Chaplin, how hilarious is that?
Come to think of it, he does look like Charlie Chaplin, no?

You pick a cat that you like, and you tell the lady inside this "Authorized Personnel Only" to bring the cat to you.

Then you get to 'bond' with the cat in this "Get Acquainted room".

Then, once you found a cat you would love to adopt, you proceed to the adoption centre.
The adoption fees are usually 60-80 dollars, but since it is Christmas, I got to adopt for only 12 USD.

They even gave me a New Pet Parenting Kit, together with a bag of food.
I thought it was a pretty great deal.

Initially, I wanted to adopt a kitten, but as I was walking at the adoption centre, this particular cat caught my attention.
I asked to play with her, and when we were in the room, she was so manja, starting to sleep on my lap and looked at me with the "please-adopt-me" eyes.

I had to get her.

So I did.

This is her, in my car, ready to go home.

I went to see her on Monday, but only took her home on Thursday because the adoption centre had to spay her first before I can bring her back home.

So in preparation for her to come home, I bought her basic needs.

From Monday-Thursday I was so excited for her to come home with me, I started googling for "Female Cat Names."
Her given name was FooFoo and heck, no way was I calling her that. Hahahahaha.
So, after much googling, I decided to call her, Lilo.

Meet Lilo.
She is 1 year 3 months and 5 days old :)

The people at the adoption centre told me that it would require her few weeks to get used to her new environment, so I have to be patient with her.

But you know what was the first thing Lilo did when she arrived home?

Yes, sampai-sampai rumah je terus berak!@@#$)
Tak senonoh -__-


Dina said...

congrats on ur new baby.
instant and potty-trained too!
she's beautiful!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

hehehe thank you love!!
itu la, Im so happy she's potty trained already. hehehehe. i literally was watching her shitting.
like duduk mencangkung depan dia tengok.
mcm tgk your baby poo for the first time pulak.