Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carlos Slim Helu

I was reading Top 100 Forbes Richest 2011, and I am very proud to see that there are 2 Malaysians in the Top 100 list.

Robert Kuok (#61) & Ananda Krishnan (#93).

I wonder if we ever get to see a Malay in the Top 100 list.
(Even though I am pretty sure Tun is way richer than both of them, but again, it is what is declared that matters, no? -_-)

I thought to myself how awesome it would be to be one of the richest people in the world.

By that, I mean, by actually working hard to achieve it, (not by marrying someone rich hohoho, or by getting dirty money).

Well, everything comes with a price.

You want something, you have to sacrifice something.

And I don't think I can ever afford to sacrifice so much 'time, energy and focus' to work my ass of to become ultimately rich.
I'm not that commited enough.
Of course, I want the fine things in life, but that's just that.

As woman, a wife & future mother, I guess some sacrifices are just not worth to make.

(Unless Warren Buffet decides to give away half of his wealth to me (half? What am I talking about? Even 1% is more than enough!!!), well, I welcome you with open arms, Papa Warren)

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