Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Texas Rangers

As you are aware, it is December, and December is a month of Christmas, where everybody will go for at least a 2 weeks vacation - usually back home.

And since I, myself, just got back from home a week ago, it makes no sense for me to go back home, again, no?

Honestly, I almost wanted to buy the flight tickets back home for Christmas.
But I could only imagine the faces of my love ones & friends, hahahaha, like WTF you are back..... AGAIN??

I made such a big fuss leaving home, like I wasn't going to come back for years, so for me to pop back home again after 2 weeks would seem too ridiculous now, wouldn't it?
(And honestly, if I had 20 more days of leave available, I wouldn't even THINK twice, I would just buy that bloody ticket and go back home LOL)

But no.
I don't have that many days of leave, and even if I do go back, I can only go back for a week.
And with that 24 hours journey + 14 hours time difference?

Oh no no.

So I'm going to explore Texas for the holidays.
Did you know that Texas itself is almost double the size of Malaysia?

Texas is famous for its quote "Everything is BIG in Texas."
Yes.... for the holidays, let us start exploring the truth in this quote ;)



Dina said...

so exciting. have funn :)

Hurri said...

heheh... wtf back again?! hehe no laaa.. it would be welcome home ti and dont ever go back =)

myra said...

stop with the "24 hours journey + 14 hours time difference?".. just get the B*****y ticket and come back will ya!

we can celebrate your birthdayy...TOGETHER! In the same continent(btol ke continent?)!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Dina: Hehehehehe sure will!

Hurri: Aww!! Hurri!! You are here! Hehehehe. Dah install whatsapp ke belum? :P How are you.. I miss you guys :(

Mee: Hehehehehehe.. Please don't tempt me... I simply can't resist.. hehehehehehe