Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can I Hold Your Bag Please

One of the things I can NOT tolerate men doing, is when they hold their girlfriend's handbag when they are walking, dating, etc.
I mean, come on -_-

You would look so "pussy-whipped", pardon my language, but I mean, come on. -_-

Well, if you are the husband, helping your wife carrying her bag because she is occupied with your kids, stroller, ETC, that's a different story.
(Or if you are the boyfriend, and your girlfriend wants to go to the toilet, and she really needs you to take care of her beloved handbag from outside the toilet because it is too precious to bring into the toilet, COME ON - that's acceptable la kan? Hahaha FML)

I am specifically talking about those boys/men yang memang suka pegangkan handbag girlfriend mereka.

Oh my God.

No no no.


aritlia said...

i totally agree!

menyampah betul bila tgk men bwkkan handbag perempuan ...

Dark @ng3L said...

eeii...i totally hate dat sight. macam wat r u thinking holding a handbag..eeuuwww

ili said...

nak tunjuk gentleman kot? LOL. hehe i pon sakit mata tengok

myra said...

sapa couple malang yg di 'illustrate tu? haha

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Couple yang tidak bersalah. Hahahahahha!!