Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good in Bed

Saturday night outing with the boys.

Mike:- "Aku belajar satu theori harini.
How a man eats reflect how he is in bed."

"Really. So, how do you eat?"

Mike:- "Aku makan laju, tapi kerap."

*hahahaha wtf.
"Aza, you?"

Aza:- "I makan slow & lamaaa.
Tapi, kalau camtu lah theory nya, I makan slowww pastu laju.
Slowwww pastu laju. Flexible."

I then looked at him & without even asking him the same question,

I grinned to myself, as a stereotyped image popped into my head.
Kalau kita lihat style orang Cina makan,
usually makan laju,
one slurp dah settle, LICIN satu mangkuk noodle.
dengan soup soup nya skali.


* okay bye bye.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha bangang hahaa