Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hari Kekasih

Maka tahun 2009 bermula sesuatu yang baru.

14th February 2009.
I am a sucker for everything sweet & romantic.
Yes, everybody that KNOWS me KNOWS I am a sucker for Valentines Day.


So when I told my best friend Adilah this morning that I was NOT celebrating Valentines this year, she simply said
"What? You? No more Valentines?"

2009 adalah permulaan sesuatu yang baru.
In January I got a lovely organizer from someone, an Islamic Organizer.
Ada emphasis tentang haramnya menyambut "Hari Kekasih."

I thought to myself,
"Maybe this year would be a good year NOT to celebrate Valentines."

So, when I asked him "Bee, Are we celebrating Valentines?"
and when he said, "Bukan Haram ke?"
Either it was Haram, or he's just NOT romantic (mailto:!wtf!!@#%23T%H^)^Y@%23W%23$R#),
I just smiled.

"Maybe this year would be a good year to NOT celebrate Valentines."

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