Monday, October 12, 2009

Old & Grumpy


Yeay! Chocolate fountain!

Merengue biscuit.
"Ah, now why you look so boring? "
My version of the Merengue biscuit is way nicer, no?


Anonymous said...

i love you b..

mya kamal said...

kat mana tempat ni ti?nak pergiii!how was the food tho?

Anonymous said...

the food is of course sedap.. if you're with your loved ones.. kan bushukk?? puss puss..

angelX said...

the food was amazing (for me).
bcoz I love oysters! and yes, they have lots of oysters. baked with cheese, or fresh ones, or with lime, etc.
haagen daz as well. like 10 flavors, oh my god i tell you.
and, cookies, around 20 types. and 10 types of cookies. and chocolate fountain.
and all sorts of drinks, from fresh coconut, to ice blended to alcohol (yes, even alcohol) and tea.
they have tempura, sashimi, teriyaki, western, chinese, sukiyaki, mushroom, its too many to type.

but again, it depends on who you go with la.
and of coz, bringing me is alwiz fun. cheh cheh cheh

angelX said...

anonymous: can you like leave a comment and sign your name as well. one day, it might be my secret lover, and then i 'assumed' it was you, and then habis kantoi, or vice versa. hahaha

Anonymous said...

anonymous said : i am your secret lover.. kekasih gelap mu...

imran said...

habis merengue tu nampak macam taik u buat.. jaahaha