Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Azri is Awesome

That's my brother, Azri.
I like this photo, because somehow, it defines us.

Me, I have always been playful.
Carefree, careless.

Azri, has always been the serious one.
Responsible, careful.

He is, extraordinary.

I say this, not just because he is my brother,
I say this, because I have the highest respect for him.
(And for each one of my family member, for that matter)

For Graduation, he wore Baju Melayu when all other Malaysians
(except for his girlfriend, of which together they wore Traditional baju)
wore suits, skirts & shirts.

I asked him, "Why?"
His answer was simple,
"My point is to show the British that even though I graduated with a Law Degree at Lincoln's Inn, I am still proud to stand tall of where I am from."

That's Azri & his ideologies.

When we were in Spain, this is what he wore.
(Aku Anak Bangsa Malaysia)
Upon Graduation, he went to Ghana for few months for Project Abroad under Commonwealth projects to manage the 'Child Trafficking' problem in Afrika.
He was practically living in a jail cell, all by CHOICE,
when he could have came back to the comfort of our home where we had everything.

That is Azri, and his principles.

He is back in Malaysia now, and is ready to become a lawyer.
He got in ALL top 3 Law firms in Malaysia.

And, this morning, the Partner of one of the prestigious firm in Malaysia had dedicated the whole morning for him, to 'get to know' him, because, and I quote the partner,
"I know all the other firms wants you, therefore I'm using this time to get to know you and make you fall in love with this firm and come work with us."

That is Azri, and he is my brother.
God, I am so proud of him.

*** PS> Adik bongsuku, if you are reading this, I am proud of you too, my next entry will be about you. And Kak Ija as well. I love you all. He he.