Friday, May 6, 2011

Call To The Bar

Sebentar tadi, seawal pukul 7 pagi, aku ke Kompleks Mahkamah untuk melihat adik aku dinobatkan sebagai seorang peguam.

Apabila Kakak aku membaca the petition for him to be advocated as a lawyer, aku hanya tersenyum kerana obviously my brother had the greatest resume in the courtroom.

Aku bandingkan hujah-hujah yang di baca oleh peguam lain mengenai future lawyers mereka, dan bukan aku ingin menjadi 'bias', tetapi sungguh, Azri beat them all.

Kakak aku menjadi mover Azri kerana Kak Ija juga merupakan seorang lawyer, and what's awesome about today's Long Call adalah kerana kedua ibu bapa aku menjadi 'Master' yang menyarungkan 'Robe' kepada Azri.

Future-future lawyers lain mendapat Masters mereka yang entah siapa-siapa, tetapi adik aku berpriviledged untuk di sarungkan oleh ibu bapa aku, yang juga merupakan practicising lawyers.

On our way back, Daddy turned to me and said, "Out of all my children, you make the best lawyer." And then he added, "You know it's not too late."

And then he added, "Why didn't I force you to be a lawyer...." And started to wonder away.

I know it is very difficult for him to accept that my chosen career path might lead me to move on the other end of the world, and I don't blame him for it.

Me, on the other hand, don't really know what I want.


Bunny said...

1. Start with a list of what you have. Being human, there will always be stuff to add - list down what's missing from the list.
2. Once you know what's missing - break it down into (the cliche) "wants" and "needs".
3. From the list of "wants" - drop whatever you don't need.
4. From the list of "needs" - drop whatever you don't want.
5. Focus on whatever that is left from #4 and #5.

... How I wish life is that simple :P. Take care XOXO

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Hehehehe.. thank you so much...
I'll start with my list now.

But then again what if the thing that I want is exactly the thing I dont need, and the thing I need is exactly the thing I dont want. Then I'd be with an empty list -__-

Bunny said...

With this type of "lists", it needs to be "time-boxed". The list maybe empty for now, but under a different time and scenario; it may (will) change. The important thing is - awareness.

Be aware and beware too :P.

What's lovely about you is - behind that fuzzy brain of yours, despite the chaos... there is order. Trust me, I know you long enough to say this. XOXO

Farhan Nor Deanna said...

You're doing great in your career
An achiever in young age
Kudos to you
Deep inside your father must be very proud of you =)